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mark guildenzoph 10/24/2013 @ 3:14pm Disappointed farmers well that's an understatement. Average 30bu soybeans and 150bu corn in the heart of Illinois. Oh did I mention the prices were a joke on top of that now I have land owners bumping the rent because of the rumor of record crops just keeps getting better. This is 100% the traders fault I sure hope you all made some money in the last year because you sure screwed the local farmers. Perfect example in the headline traders take a big yawn at demand and export sales. What the hell is going on up there did you slip and bump your heads or are you just that incompitent to do your jobs correctly? Would somebody please explain the error in this system to me I mean come on rally on soybeans for two days oh thanks for the nickel back what happened to the 5 dollars that you thieves all ready stole? There is a limit on corn and bean traders in a marketing day it was 30 cents and then 50 cents now that would be a rally nobody cares if it goes up five or ten cents like fuel, but you all sure have no problem cutting 25cents at a time.

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Re: Re: 10/24/2013 @ 7:36pm These idiots traders don't care at all they will ignore any bullish reports to keep these prices low. They listen only to the liars at the USDA and the people that call them selves analyst. This is only a game to them.

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