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mark guildenzoph Why Wait!!! 08/07/2012 @ 6:17pm Let's be honest you don't have to work for the DOA to look outside and see that there expectations of yield was outrageous. Yet here traders pick apart what little edge the corn and soybean prices have come to. Oh yeah nice rain could have used a few of them a month ago, a little late for both crops. Today the big hold off is lets wait until Friday to see the report. Meanwhile they should just keep raising both prices everyday just for demand in2013. Somebody please explain to me why everyone insists that we're in a weather market? People lets just take a minute and realize the truth here, Question is what do we do from here on out to pull through this year. Again I say why wait till Friday start right now and don't stop until other countries can't afford it then no worry on demand.

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