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mark guildenzoph 10/11/2013 @ 8:46pm The Renewable Fuel Standard is a law that went into effect in 2007 when the country decided going green was the best foreseeable future for our enviroment as well as are other natural resources that are being depleated such as oil. There is no f****** way that this bill will pass. Just the fact that these traders are smashing (rallying) these prices further is another BS reason for profit-taking on Friday. We are talking about a leak of a possible bill that is. You all should be so ashamed of yourselves how far are you all willing to take this? After combining all week in Illinois have yet to yield above 40bushel soybeans, down from your inaccurate prediction by quite a bit. However, I'm under the impression this is happening all over. So let me put this in simple talk for you under achievers same yield as last year the worst drought in 25 years, but somehow almost 5 dollars less you do the math or should I do that as well. Insurance, insurance, insurance, do you all no how to say insurance. Thanks either way to another record breaking harvest wow!!!

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10/11/2013 @ 12:31pm so you idiots are trading rumors now and not facts? Oh wait you do that all the time wow you guys are morons!!!!

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