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Favorable Summer, Record Crops Ahead

Agriculture.com Staff Updated: 04/04/2014 @ 12:54pm

Midwest farmers, emerging from one of the coldest winters on record, can look forward to a “very favorable” outlook over the spring and summer that may set the stage for record corn and soybean crops in the fall, MDA Weather Services forecasters said.

While a cold start to spring probably will slow planting and germination, excessive rains similar to those that impeded fieldwork last year aren’t in the cards, Kyle Tapley, senior agricultural meteorologist with MDA Weather Services, said during an April 3 conference held near downtown Chicago.

Summer is expected to bring both normal temperatures and rainfall for most of the Midwest, conditions that likely will allow corn and soybean acres to flourish, Tapley said. MDA Weather Services projected U.S. corn production at 14.35 billion bushels, up 3% from the all-time high set last year.

Soybean production is expected to reach 3.58 billion bushels, up 8.8% from 2013 and above the current record of 3.36 billion bushels in 2009, according to MDA Weather Services, which is based in Gaithersberg, Maryland.

As farmers gear up for another planting season, the nation’s agriculture industry continues to grapple with the unusual circumstances of recent years, including severe Midwest drought, heavy rainfall and flooding, and historically high grain prices. MDA Weather Service’s outlook came three days after the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated that farmers will plant a record 81.5 million acres to soybeans.

Despite heavy snowfall over the winter, Tapley said he’s not concerned about flooding risk. Lingering dryness remains in the western Corn Belt, though soil moisture in the eastern areas is “in good shape,” he said.

Tapley cited three “analog” years – 1986, 1994, and 2009 – that bear a resemblance to his firm’s 2014 Midwest outlook. Two of those years produced what were at the time record corn or soybean harvests.

For corn, average yields during those three years were 8.6% to 12% above trend line projections, while soybeans were 1.8% to 16% above trend line. All three “were very good years for corn and soybeans,” Tapley said.

MDA Weather Services estimated average U.S. corn yields this year at 168.4 bushels an acre, up 6% from 2013, and average soybean yields at 46.2 bushels an acre, up 6.7%. Both would be record highs.

Looking further ahead, there is “increasing confidence” an El Niño phenomenon will take hold, Tapley said, citing above-normal subsurface temperatures in parts of the Pacific Ocean. While current readings are neutral to weak, it’s “fairly likely” an El Niño will develop later this year, he said.

El Niño, typically marked by abnormally warm waters in the central tropical Pacific, is often associated with extreme weather in different parts of the world. For the U.S., the El Niño that’s potentially forming could lead to unusually wet conditions in the South, though likely little widespread impact in the Midwest, Tapley said.

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04/05/2014 @ 10:13am I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS CRAP.......... Do you reporters and editors at AG.com have absolutely nothing else to write about??? How is it remotely possible that this drivel and its forecasters (who have a BAD HISTORY) can even have the slightest clue as to what to future will bring??? You want the weather? I can get you the weather... Look out the window and bet on that!!!

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04/04/2014 @ 1:03pm Are you kidding me? Every year you idiots say get ready for perfect weather and record yields,have you morons learned nothing? You cannot predict weather mother nature will do what it wants,you have tried this for 4yrs now and been wrong all 4. Its april with pretty much no planting going on there is now way you can say record yields with nothing in the ground. How about you try this for once,shut up and wait

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Re: Re: 04/04/2014 @ 5:27pm I hate to say what it seems like they are all full of!

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