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Recap sheet for USDA Report

03/07/2013 @ 8:14am

The following table is provided as a service to Dow

Jones Newswires subscribers in conjunction with the U.S. Department of

Agriculture's March world crop production and U.S. and world supply and

demand reports. The reports are scheduled for release at 12:00 pm EST (1700

GMT) Friday.

U.S. estimates are in billions of bushels except soyoil, which is in billions

of pounds. Soymeal is in short tons. Cotton is in millions of 480-pound bales.

Rice is in million hundredweight. World crop forecasts are in millions of

metric tons.

USDA U.S. Grain, Cotton Carryout

                       2012-13   February 
                       analyst   2012-13

                                               estimate        estimate

   Corn                0.649     0.632 
   Wheat               0.713     0.691 
   Soybeans            0.122     0.125 
   Soyoil               n/a      1.665 
   Soymeal              n/a      300,000 
   Rice                 n/a      30.6 
   Cotton               4.4      4.5

USDA World Carryover

                      2012-13   February 
                       analyst   2012-13

                                               estimate       estimate

   Corn                117.87    118.04 
   Wheat               176.69    176.73 
   Soybeans             59.58     60.12 
   Soymeal               n/a       9.29 
   Soyoil                n/a       3.32 
   Rice                  n/a     101.95 
   Cotton                n/a       81.9

USDA World Grain Production

                        2012-13   February 
                        analyst   2012-13

                                                estimate        estimate

   China corn            n/a      208.0 
   South Africa corn     n/a       13.5 
   Argentina corn       25.6       27.0 
   Brazil corn          72.6       72.5 
   Australia wheat       n/a       22.0 
   Argentina wheat       n/a       11.0 
   EU 27 wheat           n/a      131.7 
   Canada wheat          n/a       27.2 
   China wheat           n/a      120.6 
   Russia wheat          n/a       37.7 
   Ukraine wheat         n/a       15.8 
   Brazil soybeans      83.4       83.5 
   Argentina soybeans   51.0       53.0 
   China soybeans        n/a       12.6

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March 07, 2013 08:30 ET (13:30 GMT)

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