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mark guildenzoph 08/19/2013 @ 12:28pm I understand and almost agree with your position on the markets, however there are a lot of factors involved with dealing in grains. First, supply and demand does only go so far with US currencies, Oil and Coal resources, and precious metals. However you also added in the grain markets witch should mainly be considered by supply and demand alone. Weather does not effect bonds, metals, and other currencies and resources. When the USDA reports come out every quarter they are almost always wrong and altered by the next one, A little loop whole with electronic trading that involves not actually trading what is in stock or in the field, but what a piece of paper says is there. How convenient for the traders to make some money on the short trades regardless of the crop condition, weather, or stock piles. How is this legal? A lot of people ask, well mainly because if grain commodity prices reflected the supply and demand alone like most other stocks farmers would be rich. The population is only going to continue to grow. So with the need of something like grain it should be a no brainer. We do not need gold, currency, and oil there are many alternatives can we say that about grain?

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