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2013 bumper crops?

Ray Grabanski Updated: 07/03/2013 @ 3:31pm President, Progressive Ag www.progressiveag.com

As crops move into the vegetative development stage and the fourth of July, we are quickly realizing that 2013 is not anything like 2012.

Last year, the crops started a rapid decline in mid-June and continued all the way into August with rapid yield potential declines throughout the summer.  

Instead, in 2013 we are seeing the exact opposite; yield potential started out slightly below average, and it's quickly expanding such that bumper crops are possible in 2013.  

For example, corn, wheat, and soybean conditions are all improving as we near the Fourth of July. Yesterday's crop condition ratings went up for all major crops, with corn conditions improving 2% to 67% G/E, with the Pro Ag yield model up nearly 2 bushels per acre to 157.6 bushels per acre, now above USDA's projected 156.5 and trend of 157.4 bushels per acre. Yields are rapidly rising for corn, meaning this is certainly no 2013; in fact, it might be a bumper crop year finally after three crops in a row of below-trend yields!  

Soybean crop conditions also improved 2% to 67% G/E, with the Pro Ag yield model rising a large 0.40 bushels per acre, pushing to 43.87 bushels per acre, now above trend of 43.6 bushels per acre and rising rapidly now! We are likely to have an above-average soybean crop as well.  

Soybean planting progressed to 96% completed, now just 2% behind normal at 98% planted. The state of Missouri actually leaped to 93% done, 2% ahead of normal pace as double crop soybeans are quickly going in, as they are across the Corn Belt.  

Winter wheat conditions also improved 2% to 34% G/E, with the Pro Ag yield model improving 1 bushel per acre to 44.9 bushels per acre. We are starting to lose data years in winter wheat as harvest is quickly progressing, now at 43% complete and only behind normal pace by 9%. That is allowing double-crop soybeans to go in timely, despite late winter wheat development, as weather is ideal for winter wheat harvest with cool but dry conditions across the winter wheat belt.  

Overall, we have a rapidly improving crop across the country, with only HRS wheat conditions declining last week due to excessive rains in areas.  

However, the HRS wheat belt forecast is for dry and warm conditions, so the soggy soils will be allowed to dry out quickly in the weeks ahead.  

Make no bones about it - the downtrend is well established in grains!  

We have huge acreage combined with excellent growing conditions (improving daily in weather forecasts) which will mean larger yield projections and more carryout. Current 14-day weather forecasts are perfect - cool and wet for the central and southern Corn Belt, dry and warm for the soggy northern Corn Belt. This will improve crop conditions for wheat, corn, and soybeans for the next two weeks if accurate, and will mean increased yields and production estimates for all three major crops.  

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Darrin Steinert One would think... 07/03/2013 @ 3:36am If one reads and buys into this article, you'd think we would be heading back to LPD days. Bookmark this column and come back to it around Oct. or Nov. and lets see what is said about this "Bumper Crop" then. When people take an ag tour, they need to drive further than the suburbs of their own town.

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Re: Re: One would think... 07/03/2013 @ 9:05pm YOU HAVE to hand it to these people who write such articles but it makes you wonder why don't they address the fact that this years so called record production it will not come from IOWA ......TOO MUCH prevented planting corn some thought those acres would go to soybeans they don't understand crop insurance when prevented planted payments add up to a muddy bean field income you take prevented planting the same goes for soybean...... neither crop is a record crop in the mud the RECORD crop will have to come from the fringe areas...... and who will take that bet

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