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03/04/2011 @ 3:48pm Argentina se está secando. las estimaciones de 52 millones son un disparate. Hasta la semana pasada podíamos suponer una cosecha de 48,5 millons de tons, pero los últimos días ha caído. Está afectando fuertemente la zona oeste, en laetapa de llenado de granos abortando chauchas y granos, y reduciendo el peso de las semillas. La cosecha sera de 46 a 48 millones, y la oferta de venta será relativamente muy escasa.

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Mike McGinnis Re: Re: 03/05/2011 @ 11:44am Francisco, Thanks for the comments. For those that can't read Spanish, here is a translation of what Francisco says: Argentina is drying. Estimates of 52 million are nonsense. Until last week, the dryness could lead to a harvest of 48.5 millons of tons, but the last few days has been dropped. The dryness is strongly affecting the west, in grain filling late- aborting beans and grains, and reducing the weight of the seeds. The harvest will be from 46 to 48 million, and offer for sale will be relatively very low.

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