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Plenty of logic. Just no single strategy. 01/10/2011 @ 6:05pm Corn ethanol became a priority when fuel prices and hostile international events made the idea of using 'then' cheap corn to supplement transportation fuel to maintain living standards and the security of that standard. Food is still cheap here in the US in any case. CRP was a means to support the rural economy and protect environmentally challenged ground that in most cases provided marginal returns. Despite the contradictions the goals of these programs were seen as productive. That doesn't eliminate contradictions. All of the programs needed to have a time commitment to make them workable, and surely they should be reviewed. As for those who go hungry, I think in most cases an examination of the process would likely show that the recent increases in price isn't the sole reason, or even the most important reason some go hungry. Remember the argument that cheap exports undermined local farmers in developing countries? In most cases that logic doesn't hold (for other reasons than discussed here) but, where it does, production incentives should surely be high. Want real economic dislocation? Jerk the rug out from the current criticized policies and watch what happens. Corn and bean production has surged to meet requirements and that is in response to practices and technology adopted to meet market demand signaled by prices. Take away those markets and production would continue but the price squeeze would be a disaster. Can you say 'bail outs'?

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wow one solution solves high price food 01/10/2011 @ 4:16pm Seems to me the solution to high price food is acombination of factors and not just the shift of some food grains being shifted to fuel. Should we examine a few. Gasoline pric near highs, livestock numbers down, not only in U S but world wide, except China. population growth, less acres for ag uses, regulations, the uncertian policy making by our gov. and special interest groups with large sums of money trying to scare our ag customers{the public} just the opinion of the writer and is intended for imformative purposes

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