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Buy, Sell With Confidence From Successful Marketing Newsletter

All farmers would like to pick up an extra 10¢ to 15¢ a bushel while marketing their grain. The Successful Marketing newsletter can help you do just that.

A tool to help you incorporate marketing into your day is the Successful Marketing newsletter. It offers you decision-making tools to help you sell grain at higher prices. It’s designed to educate you on grain marketing strategies that can help increase your confidence in making marketing decisions. How do you get it? Subscribe here.

Al Kluis of Kluis Commodities shares his 40 years of commodity trading experience.

While other industry newsletters spend time rehashing outdated news items and grain marketing information, Successful Marketing newsletter is completely dedicated to marketing strategies and technical analysis.


  • Crop-selling decision targets to help you focus on managing risk vs. speculating
  • New-crop and old-crop marketing strategies
  • Technical analysis on Crop Inputs, Profit Index, Crop Price Index
  • Market action items to improve your farm’s bottom line
  • Insider information on South American corn and soybean production
  • The latest bullish and bearish signs for the grain markets
  • Weekly and monthly tips on what to watch, what to do now, and when to do it
  • Al Kluis’s price targets for corn, soybean, and wheat markets
  • Get your toughest marketing questions answered by experts on the phone or in webinars

That’s what you can expect with this newsletter.

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Along with straightforward strategies to develop a marketing plan, the Successful Marketing newsletter provides specific advice on generating cash flow for your operation.

Making marketing part of your daily routine helps you know when prices are close to your sell targets.

The daily routine can alert you to changes in the market that may require you to have a meeting with your marketing team. If market conditions change, you can be proactive and make changes to your marketing plan.

Successful Marketing newsletter helps more grain farmers who are looking for advice on how to pick up an extra 20¢ to 30¢ per bushel.

It’s designed to help you make more money, period.

When you subscribe, youll receive:

  • Monthly printed newsletters
  • Weekly email newsletters
  • Email alerts based on changes in the market
  • Quarterly webinars based on the USDA’s Quarterly Grain Stocks Reports

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