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Corn, Soybeans Close Higher Friday By:
04/17/2015 @ 8:47am
DES MOINES, Iowa (Agriculture.com)--On Friday, the CME Group's corn, soybean and wheat markets finish higher on light volume. Gains were capped, due to corn…
Wheat, Soybean Prices To Tick Up Friday Wheat, Soybean Prices To Tick Up Friday By: 04/17/2015 @ 7:06am On Friday, the CME Group's corn, soybean and wheat markets are expected to start mostly lower. The early calls…
Corn, Soybeans Finish Mostly Higher Thursday Corn, Soybeans Finish Mostly Higher Thursday By: 04/16/2015 @ 8:37am DES MOINES, Iowa (Agriculture.com)--On Thursday, the CME Group's corn, soybean, and wheat markets traded lower…
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USDA Sees U.S. Corn Stocks Shrinking By: 03/12/2015 @ 10:13am

DES MOINES, Iowa (Agriculture.com)—The U.S. corn stocks will keep getting tighter, heading toward the end of the marketing year, according to the USDA.U.S…

  • 'Dairy sector should explore all-island exporting opportunities' - 04/18/2015 07:00 AM

    There are circumstances when the dairy sectors throughout Ireland should join forces to maximise the prices that can be delivered back to farmers, according to UFU President Ian Marshall. "There are tremendous opportunities to be availed of in the emerging markets of South East Asia and China. But the dairy sector must act as a The post 'Dairy sector should explore all-island exporting opportunities' appeared first on Agriland.

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  • Winchester AgBreakfast Minutes - April 14, 2015 - 04/18/2015 02:04 AM

    Conditions: Moderate temperatures at the end of winter, combined with limited precipitation minimized spring water runoff and soil erosion. Alfalfa has 1 to 2 inches of new growth at this point and is showing no sign of heaving damage. Note: Growers should be aware that Agricorp/Crop Insurance has coverage for establishment protection of red clover, see New Forage Seeding Plan.

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  • Missouri's corn planting delays no problem yet - 04/17/2015 09:30 PM

    “Given a good growing season, the opportunity for high yields still exists.” His five-year research on planting date in central and northern Missouri shows that yield begins dropping by 5 percent the first week of May, 20 percent by the end of May and 40 percent by the end of June. Wiebold’s numbers are averages, and he points out that no one can predict yield based upon one year’s planting date.

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  • Pioneer Talks Crops - 04/17/2015 08:25 PM

    Corn planting began in the Dakotas and western Minnesota last week. Surface soil temperatures in northern Wisconsin are tracking close with ambient air temperatures, although subsurface temperatures last week were in the 34 to 45 degree range at 20 to 30 inches. Never apply liquid ammonium thio-sulfate or dry sulfur in the starter next to the seed.

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  • Wheat Traders React To Rain Makes Grain - 04/17/2015 07:23 PM

    Well, we ended last week with a forecast that had removed much of the rains from the central plains. No surprise, the price action was pretty bearish to start the week, and continued to trickle lower in Kansas City and Minneapolis while Chicago found some support on Thursday. Compared with corn prices, they are also levels that will bring wheat into feed rations, offering another reason to not get so aggressive on the sell side.

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  • Ron Plain: Hog Outlook - 04/17/2015 07:14 PM

    Ron Plain and Scott BrownUniversity of Missouri===========================Retail pork prices peaked in September and have declined each month since. The average live price of 51-52% lean hogs in March, $45.61/cwt, was down 14 cents from the month before and down $38.21 from a year ago. That is up 91 cents from the week before, but down $55.67 from a year ago.

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  • Wheat Fusarium Head Blight or Scab - 04/17/2015 06:33 PM

    Last year,2014, was the worst Fusarium Scab we have ever seen here on wheat. We had rainy warm conditions during flowering (just as heads emerged) and everything hit just wrong. This time we were dry when most of the wheat here was heading, so we are hoping not to see much this year. But now [ ]

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  • Cereal Rusts Could be a Major Concern in 2015 - 04/17/2015 06:24 PM

    An Alberta pathologist says cereal rusts could be a major problem in the province this year. “Stripe rust alerts have already been issued in Oregon and Montana,” says Mike Harding, plant pathologist, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Brooks. It would be wise to scout winter wheat crops ...

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  • Question of the Week - Loose Smut - 04/17/2015 05:41 PM

    Last week I had a photo of some oats with a black powdery look where the grain should be. This is a disease called loose smut. You'll often see this disease in very very low levels. I've seen it at higher levels where someone saved their own seed for several years and didn't use a [ ]

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  • Beware Of Grain Contract Details, Analyst Says - 04/17/2015 05:05 PM

    With corn futures trading in a sideways to lower pattern and at relatively low prices, farmers are inclined to be reluctant sellers, both of old and new crop corn. Often these contracts may have strings attached to them that could affect new crop pricing. Elevators may offer a $4.00 cash price for near-term delivery.

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  • Wheat Fungicide - 04/17/2015 05:04 PM

    There has been a fair amount of wheat sprayed with fungicide in the last 2 weeks. We are seeing some rust in some fields. Here's Brad Thompson spraying some that they have that has just completely headed out. That's the best time to spray for maximum protective effect.

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  • This Week's Biggest Stories 4/17 - 04/17/2015 04:59 PM

    Fight Weeds through Scouting and Herbicide Application Timing, Says Clemson Researcher As farmers get in the fields this spring, they still have time to create a comprehensive weed-management program in order to avoid weed problems during the growing season. According to Mike Marshall, Ph.D., extension weed specialist at Clemson University, the most important aspect of.

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  • Can cattle come to the aid of wheat prices? - 04/17/2015 04:58 PM

    The rains refreshing drought-hit central and southern Plains hard red winter wheat areas have revived yield prospects such that futures in the class closed on Thursday at their lowest since July 2010, on a spot contract basis. However, many of those recovered bushels may never make it to ...

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  • USDA Announces Loan Rates for Wheat, Feed Grains and Oilseeds - 04/17/2015 04:47 PM

    2015 Wheat, Feed Grains and Oilseeds National Loan Rates Wheat $2.94 per bushel Corn $1.95 per bushel Grain Sorghum $1.95 per bushel Barley $1.95 per bushel Oats $1.39 per bushel Soybeans $5.00 per bushel Other Oilseeds $10.09 per hundredweight for each "other oilseed" Marketing assistance loans ...

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  • Wheat - herbicide drift damaging - 04/17/2015 03:59 PM

    Roundup drift to winter wheat can cause symptoms similar to cause by 2,4-D. One difference is often a pronounced bleaching or yellowing where the flag leaf attaches to the stem. We are still pretty wet, however, in some areas up north. In addition, Gramoxone drift on wheat is pretty common this time of the year.

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  • Sun Sets On 46 Year Farming Career - 04/17/2015 03:22 PM

    My neighbor started planting corn this week. Skeptics in the community say that conditions will be perfect in another week. In my 40 plus years of farming, my experience has been that I have never seen corn or soybeans yields hurt from planting too early. As a side note, 1982 was one of only a few years when the markets did not respond to the bad growing conditions with a mid-summer weather rally.

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  • Stormy Weather on Corn - 04/17/2015 02:45 PM

    We had some driving rains and high winds this week, although they were spotty. Some corn was blown sideways, as you see here. I feel like it will recover quickly, however. We are at the V6 growth stage. I dug up a plant and you can see that it was planted deeply and has good [ ]

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  • Corn Starts Lower, Soybeans Mixed Friday - 04/17/2015 01:47 PM

    DES MOINES, Iowa (Agriculture.com)--On Friday, the CME Group's corn, soybean and wheat markets opened mostly lower. At the open, the May corn futures are trading 1/2 of a cent lower at $3.75 per bushel. soybean futures are trading 1/4 of a cent higher at $9.53. May soymeal futures are trading $1.11 per short ton higher at $313.50.

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  • Corn, Soybeans Close Higher Friday - 04/17/2015 01:47 PM

    DES MOINES, Iowa (Agriculture.com)--On Friday, the CME Group's corn, soybean and wheat markets turn higher. At mid-session, the May corn futures are trading 3 cents higher at $3.79 per bushel. The Dec corn futures are 2 1/2 cents higher at $4.02 per bushel. The May soyoil futures are trading $0.09 lower at $31.67.

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  • How now brown cow: small family dairies still exist - 04/17/2015 01:10 PM

    ULLA, NC — “Of everything I do, this is my favorite,” says Ryan Sloop as he walks down a stock lane, leading a group of Brown Swiss from his family’s dairy to one of the farm’s many grazing pastures. Together with the occasional help of one part-time high school student, the Sloops milk about 45 Brown Swiss (2x).

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