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Corn and Soybeans Gain on Tuesday By:
08/04/2015 @ 2:18pm
DES MOINES, Iowa (Agriculture.com)—CME Group corn and soybeans gained on Tuesday on speculation that farmers abandoned some acres due to wet weather this spring.At the…
Corn Prices Rebound After Yesterday's Lows Corn Prices Rebound After Yesterday's Lows By: 08/04/2015 @ 10:51am At midday, the CME Group's corn and soybean contracts are trading higher.The Sept. corn futures contract is…
Grain Futures Higher at Open Grain Futures Higher at Open By: 08/04/2015 @ 8:47am Grain futures markets opened higher Tuesday, reversing some of Monday’s losses if the trend holds. Shortly after…
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Fund Rallies Ruling The Markets By: 05/22/2015 @ 11:19am

Yes, the wheat market has rallied 60¢ since May 13. And yes, the corn and soybean markets have benefited in a small way. But the rallies are short-lived…

  • Scout Soybeans for Sudden Death Syndrome - 08/04/2015 04:21 PM

    Sudden death syndrome (SDS) was detected in mid-April planted soybeans at the University of Illinois' Northwestern Research Center in Warren County, Illinois. The lower stem and taproot will appear tan to light brown compared to a healthy plant, and the middle portion of the stem will remain white or cream-colored.

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  • Corn prices fade as supplies expected to remain in surplus - 08/04/2015 03:30 PM

    Expectations are for corn supplies to remain in surplus during the 2015-16 marketing year. Based on the current pace of ethanol production, for example, the use of corn for ethanol production during the current marketing year (ending August 31) could be about 10 million bushels more than the current USDA projection of 5.2 billion bushels.

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  • Soybean Insects (and mites): Looking ahead - 08/04/2015 02:24 PM

    The economic threshold is described as 250 aphids/plant on 80% of the plants AND the population is increasing. You may unintentionally flare twospotted spider mite populations and create a bigger problem than you had originally. Twospotted Spider Mites: A comment that Kevin Jarek, UWEX Outagamie County, recently made regarding the dry conditions in northeast Wisconsin made me think about spider mites.

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  • Soybean Sentinel Plot Update - 08/04/2015 02:20 PM

    This week we have 17 reports from 15 counties. As soybean plants get really big, the chances of insects causing economic damage decreases. Our scouting continues to reveal very little pest pressure. The Pennsylvania Soybean Promotion Board is funding a Soybean Sentinel Plot Program, which is being managed by Penn State Extension and The Dept.

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  • Winter Wheat Variety Test Results - 08/04/2015 02:19 PM

    We have posted our 2015 winter wheat variety evaluation data on our small grain management site. We had two good trials this year with good to excellent yields at both locations. Lodging was not serious in either test, even with the spring topdressing of 100 lb. Collins provided a rating for this disease at the Lancaster location. Scab levels were relatively low in both trials.

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  • Corn and Soybeans Gain on Tuesday - 08/04/2015 02:18 PM

    DES MOINES, Iowa (Agriculture.com)-CME Group corn and soybeans gained on Tuesday on speculation that farmers abandoned some acres due to wet weather this spring. corn futures settled 2 1/4 cents higher at $3.68 3/4 a bushel. Growers, especially those in Missouri, may have planted fewer corn and soybean acres than previously expected, said Tomm Pfitzenmaier, the president at Summit Commodity Brokerage in Des Moines, Iowa.

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  • Eastern Black Nightshade a Concern in Some Areas - 08/04/2015 02:03 PM

    This is the time of year where we often find Eastern black nightshade in some of our crops. This annual species (Solanum ptycantum) is native to the Americas and can be found in field crops and especially soybean and also forages like alfalfa. At soybean harvest time, the nightshade foliage is green and the berries are still intact and usually dark purple (see accompanying image).

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  • Cover Crop Planting Time is Here - 08/04/2015 01:40 PM

    One of the important principles of soil management is to keep the soil covered at all times, and to have continuous living root growth in the soil. Some successful species are listed in the following table, with approximate latest planting dates to avoid suboptimal performance. While we give standard seeding rates for sole plantings in the table, determining appropriate seeding rates of each species in a mixture can be difficult.

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  • Storing and Selling Grain: Consider Preharvest Alternatives NOW - 08/04/2015 01:16 PM

    "I didn't think we could have two big corn crops in a row," he said. "I already had cash corn to sell, and now I have new-crop corn I need to get sold. I asked him a lot of questions and then explained several alternatives. Sell some of the corn ahead in the cash market and buy some March 2016 corn calls.

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  • Pricing Corn Silage Update - 08/04/2015 01:06 PM

    With our crop situation this year there could be some farms with great yielding fields with a potentially low grain price and some other livestock or dairy operations that might be coming up short in silage production due to wet spots and damaged crops. So there will likely be some opportunities to buy or sell standing corn silage fields for feed.

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  • Prices to Consider in Crop Management Decision Making - 08/04/2015 12:55 PM

    A couple good discussions came up over lunch at last week’s Crop Diagnostic Clinic. One question was the corn market and if any recovery was in order. Many folks use the current cash price in estimating potential returns to an input but fail to account for other additional costs in getting the grain to the market.

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  • Can habitat protection save our disappearing bats? - 08/04/2015 12:33 PM

    As agricultural intensification expands across the world, the conversion of their natural habitats has caused a dramatic decline in population. North American bats are also plagued with white-nose syndrome, an emerging infectious disease that's decimating their numbers. In a paper recently ...

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  • Goss's Wilt Confirmed in Wisconsin in 2015 - 08/04/2015 12:27 PM

    Goss’s wilt on field corn was confirmed for the first time in the 2015 season in Wisconsin this week in Grant County. Goss’s wilt has been confirmed in past years in Wisconsin, including the 2014 field season. Often “freckles”, or brown or green irregular spots, can be observed within the leaf lesions (Fig.

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  • Jim Long Pork Commentary from Genesus, Some Sign of Life? August 4th 2015 - 08/04/2015 11:55 AM

    Jim Long, President and CEO Genesus Genetics Last Friday the USDA pork cut-outs closed at 87.48 a pound. We expect this reflects an increase in demand for pork. With lean hogs at 78 a pound, the spread of 10 a pound between cut-outs and hogs reflects improving margins for packers. Pork cut-outs reaching 87 plus [...] The post Jim Long Pork Commentary from Genesus, Some Sign of Life.

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  • Dollar's slip helps stabilise commodities - 08/04/2015 11:33 AM

    Commodity prices stabilised on Tuesday after a key index fell to its lowest closing level since 2003 in the previous session, with oil moving back above $50 a barrel. The Thomson Reuters Core Commodity Index, which measures the performance of 19 commodities, on Monday closed below 200 for the first time in more than a decade, in the latest sign that the so-called commodity supercycle has come to an end.

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  • South American harvests hit ADM - 08/04/2015 11:02 AM

    Strong crop flows from South America hit Archer Daniels Midland’s second-quarter profit margins, but the US agricultural group’s shares rallied on an improved outlook for the second half. The Chicago-based group’s shares rose almost 4 per cent to $49.48 a share, after it forecast a rebound in its North American grain export volumes and margins, after missing analyst earnings estimates for the second quarter.

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  • Corn Prices Rebound After Yesterday's Lows - 08/04/2015 10:51 AM

    At midday, the CME Group's corn and soybean contracts are trading higher. corn futures contract is trading 3 cents at $3.70 a bushel. Jason Britt, the president of Central States Commodities in Kansas City, Mo., said a couple factors are in play. Chinese financial markets overnight were steady after Beijing clamped down on short selling, giving hope to U.S.

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  • - 08/04/2015 10:32 AM

    LINCOLN, NE and DES MOINES, IA—Governors of the nation’s top two ethanol-producing states jointly announced the launch of a statewide pump labeling initiative to promote the American Ethanol brand. Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad have announced the implementation of new fuel pump labels featuring the American Ethanol brand.

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  • Enlist Duo: Promising new tool for resistant weeds: Part I - 08/04/2015 10:28 AM

    Although it’s been around for decades, most producers consider 2,4-D one of the most reliable herbicides in their toolbox. Speakers participating in a panel discussion at the Dow Diamond Showcase near Leland, Miss., agreed the new formulation Dow AgroSciences is planning to offer for its Enlist cotton, corn and soybeans goes a long way toward addressing that issue.

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  • Corn Silking at 94% - 08/04/2015 09:55 AM

    pinterest For the week ending August 2, 2015, most of Nebraska received one inch of rain or less, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Photo Courtesy of Imperial FFA Chapter There were 6.2 days suitable for fieldwork. Topsoil moisture supplies rated 6 percent very short, 26 short, 64 adequate, and 4 surplus. Corn silking was at 94 percent, near 93 for both last year and the five-year average.

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