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Neem Cake Powdermore +  08/29/2013 @ 11:41pm

Neem Cake is an organic by product of Neem Seed Oil production. Neem Cake is used as a natural fertiliser. The quality of the neem cake is determined by the amount of oil left in it, and also the process by which the extraction was done.

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Comparison of tea seed cake powder 09/04/2013 @ 2:07am Tea seed cake compared with neem cake, it is in rich content of saponin and organic mater, except using for organic fertilizer, it is also used as natural pesticide to kill snails, leech, planhoppers, tadpole, mussel etc. for paddy field, turf and shrimp farming etc. Tea saponin as natural surfactant can be also used for daily care products.[www.xsyagri.com]

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