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Agriculture news for farmers and other agricultural businesses, including the latest information on crop production, livestock, machinery, and farm policy. Also, read updates on planting, harvest, and key weather and crop pest events. Get updates and reports from Agriculture.com editors, Successful Farming magazine, and farmers and agribusinesses.

Hay Combustion a 'Very Scary… By: 07/23/2014 @ 9:44pm

This week, temperatures in the Midwest soared to near 100 degrees, and for the Folkerts family of Allison, Iowa…

Diverting Trade From China By: 07/29/2014 @ 5:34pm

If China won't buy distillers' grains, other nations are likely to fill that gap fairly…

Will Crop Insurance Make Payments in… By: 07/29/2014 @ 3:05pm

In Illinois, crop insurance payments on corn likely will be lower in 2014 than in 2012 and 2013. Crop insurance…

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National Ag Day's meaning 03/25/2014 @ 8:50am
Google's all-in on wearables 03/18/2014 @ 3:12pm
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The "reasons" wheat is down, according to SF From THIS website todayAllen brugler....."wheat harvest is purring along at 83% complete compaired to 80%"Nothing said about yeildsTalked…

The bigest crock of harverst time##########     No#s are in,the world market is in a shaky sit. and the buyers are just realing in there (@(#$  like know one has any brains…

Any Herbicide for Mature Marestail in Soybeans? I know the answer is probably no, but I have one field that the pre-emergent didn't hold and it has marestail 3 foot tall just above the beans…


On Tuesday, the CME Group's corn and wheat markets are expected to start higher…

Hay Combustion a 'Very… By: 07/23/2014 @ 9:44pm

This week, temperatures in the Midwest soared to near 100 degrees, and for the Folkerts…

Iowa land values up but… By: 12/12/2013 @ 7:35am

Iowa farmland values have reached an average record high price, though many signs point…

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