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Agriculture news for farmers and other agricultural businesses, including the latest information on crop production, livestock, machinery, and farm policy. Also, read updates on planting, harvest, and key weather and crop pest events. Get updates and reports from Agriculture.com editors, Successful Farming magazine, and farmers and agribusinesses.

Hay Combustion a 'Very Scary… By: 07/23/2014 @ 9:44pm

This week, temperatures in the Midwest soared to near 100 degrees, and for the Folkerts family of Allison, Iowa…

Brazil Farmers: Expect Irregular… By: 08/20/2014 @ 2:23pm

The weather should be favorable for the production of soybeans in the center-west of Brazil in the 2014-2015…

Rural Economic Erosion Continues -- By: 08/20/2014 @ 12:35pm

The full extent of the sharp downturn in grain prices over the last few months likely won't be felt until…

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Houston, we have photos Rice elevator/dryer used by farmers until 60's - 14 mi west of downtown - taken westbound at 15mph in rush hour traffic from…

no bad yields seen on the pofarm tour indiana.......185 nebraska....163 illinois.......196 minnesota.....170 iowa.......178 ohio.....182 south dakota.......152   There is no bad corn…

Fairmont MN Soybeans $12.98 I got all excited and sold my last load for $12.29 last week.   Not the $15 I was getting last spring, but not bad compared to everything…


On Tuesday, the CME Group's corn and wheat markets are expected to start higher…

Hay Combustion a 'Very… By: 07/23/2014 @ 9:44pm

This week, temperatures in the Midwest soared to near 100 degrees, and for the Folkerts…

Iowa land values up but… By: 12/12/2013 @ 7:35am

Iowa farmland values have reached an average record high price, though many signs point…

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