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Agriculture business news, including updates from farm machinery manufacturers, seed and chemical companies, and other agricultural services. Keep up to date on agribusiness with news and releases from across the agriculture industry.

The [A] List: 3 Big Things This Morning, Monday, April 20 By: 04/20/2015 @ 6:22am

A cold weather relapse is coming this week. Last week ended on a warm, dry note in much of the Corn Belt, but that's changed in the last two days as this week…

Economic Observations & Wheat Woes: Top Talk for Friday, April 17 By: 04/17/2015 @ 7:24am

What's on your mind this week? Spring planting is getting underway, kicking off the busy season for farmers around…

The [A] List: 3 Big Things This Morning, Thursday, April 16 By: 04/16/2015 @ 6:17am

Mother Nature is flipping the script for the Plains and Midwest the next few days.Rainfall has been more common in the…

The [A] List: 3 Big Things This Morning, Wednesday, April 15 By: 04/15/2015 @ 6:27am

Price action for crude oil, the dollar, may be big for the grains today.The U.S. dollar index is moving higher again -- and could move much higher -- while crude oil is showing signs of life, too. The…

The [A] List: 3 Big Things This Morning, Tuesday, April 14 By: 04/14/2015 @ 6:24am

Corn planting is slow, but so is market reaction.Monday's USDA-NASS Crop Progress report showed only 2% of the nation's corn crop is planted, compared to the normal pace of 5% by this week…

The [A] List: 3 Big Things This Morning, Monday, April 13 By: 04/13/2015 @ 6:17am

Conflicting grain market factors to start the week.The weekend saw warm temperatures with some showers around the Corn Belt, a "slightly negative" combination as a market factor. That sent prices into the red…

The [A] List: 3 Big Things This Morning, Friday, April 10 By: 04/10/2015 @ 6:31am

Corn stocks are growing, USDA says. {[VIDEO]} var rampVidID=104069107 var vidWidth=180 Though prices have recovered after settling slightly lower yesterday after USDA's monthly World…

The [A] List: 3 Big Things This Morning, Thursday, April 9 By: 04/09/2015 @ 6:11am

Have the grains settled into a new range? {[SINGE PLAYER VIDEO]} var rampVidID=104037328 var vidWidth=180 Overnight trading saw corn futures scrap their way into the black, while wheat and soybeans were…

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