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Agriculture business news, including updates from farm machinery manufacturers, seed and chemical companies, and other agricultural services. Keep up to date on agribusiness with news and releases from across the agriculture industry.

The Latest 'Successful Land Sales' By: 03/27/2015 @ 10:52am

With crop prices continuing to stay at or below profitable levels, a lot of farmers are talking about the related markets and why prices for things like farmland…

3 Things to Watch This Morning, Friday, March 27 By: 03/27/2015 @ 6:37am

Wheat, pre-USDA report positioning leading grains Friday.Corn and soybean futures are lower while wheat is higher…

3 Things to Watch This Morning, Thursday, March 26 By: 03/26/2015 @ 6:11am

The grains are hanging onto gains heading into Thursday.A combination of mostly bullish factors continue to support…

3 Things to Watch This Morning, Wednesday, March 25 By: 03/25/2015 @ 6:21am

Outside factors support grains heading into midweek trading.Crude oil and the U.S. dollar are showing signs of life as the midweek point rolls around today, with both factors showing the potential to continue…

Is Glyphosate Going to Kill Us All? Farmers Doubt Report Saying So By: 03/24/2015 @ 11:00am

A chemical weed-killer that's become synonymous with row crop farming in the last few decades now has been found to "probably" cause cancer, according to a world health group a report released late last…

3 Things to Watch This Morning, Tuesday, March 24 By: 03/24/2015 @ 6:28am

Grains dip on fund-buying, but strength still seen.It's been a couple of strong days for the grain bulls. Though fund-buying has entered in and pushed prices just into the red in the overnight trade…

3 Things to Watch This Morning, Monday, March 23 By: 03/23/2015 @ 6:26am

The grains are starting Monday higher.Last week's trade ended on a higher note, and they're starting this week the same way, with corn, soybeans, and wheat all higher late in the overnight session…

3 Things to Watch This Morning, Friday, March 20 By: 03/20/2015 @ 6:21am

Watch for fund money flowing into the grains today.It's the time of year when funds could start moving back into the grains, especially considering what this week's interest rate announcement by the…

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