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Company offers new perspective on market research

Agriculture.com Staff 02/06/2016 @ 7:26am

A new company in Iowa City, Iowa, is working to implement their market research program to help not only corporations, but also farmers.

The Kleffmann Group, founded by Burkhard Kleffman in 1990, established the Agricultural Marketing Information System (AMIS), an innovative way for farmers to get information from surveys they have participated in.

The program is set up so the company interviews farmers either face-to-face or by telephone about a specific crop being researched. The farmers are paid a cash incentive and then have access to the results of the survey.

"Our goal is to become the face of Ag research to farmers," Thomas Klobucar, managing director for the North American division, said.

In addition, the company has set up an online application where farmers who took the survey can archive, maintain and document the data they are looking for. With this feature, farmers can compare what is being done in other countries where the Kleffmann Group is located.

"What we give to them, they give back to us," Kleffmann said.

The Kleffmann Group has headquarters are in Ludinghausen, Germany and are represented in 18 countries across the globe. The company came to the United States in 2006 and plans to open another site in Raleigh, North Carolina.

"We chose Iowa City because it Iowa is in the heartland of agriculture and easy access to clients," Kleffmann said.

The company is using its resources from across the globe bringing in people to help with the start up of the AMIS projects. Klobucar said they have learned a lot from those in other countries. "Because we started from ground zero we were able to draw on methods, data and technology from other locations to help put our operation together," he said.

Klobucar sees the Kleffmann Group continuing its success in the future. "We have a lot of optimism for the American market. We have the potential to have people's questions answered and get greater insights," he said.

A new company in Iowa City, Iowa, is working to implement their market research program to help not only corporations, but also farmers.

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