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New DuPont online tool connects grain market players

Agriculture.com Staff 02/11/2016 @ 1:14pm

DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred on Wednesday introduced MarketPoint resource, a new online market service that links corn growers with end users to provide producers with enhanced profit opportunities, greater product differentiation and more convenience. It offers end users, such as ethanol plants and livestock feeders, the opportunity to source better quality grain.

"Pioneer MarketPoint resource is a powerful tool that brings together producers of high-quality grain with those who need it to make their business run more effectively," said Paul Schickler, Pioneer president and DuPont vice president and general manager. "There has never been a tool like this that brings these two groups together so easily."

Available on the Pioneer GrowingPoint Web site, the MarketPoint resource allows growers to post their high-quality grain for sale to local buyers who make competitive bids based upon quality and quantity information posted to the site. In turn, end users will be able to source this higher value grain to help maximize efficiency, whether it is in their ethanol plants or feedlot operations.

A pilot program has been initiated for growers and ethanol plants in select areas of Nebraska. Pending the success of this program, Pioneer will expand the MarketPoint resource to other areas.

"The industry has learned that grain from select Pioneer brand hybrids has quality traits for the end user, whether it is higher ethanol yields from high total fermentable (HTF) products or highly available energy (HAE) grain for the monogastric livestock industry," Schickler says. "The challenge for end users has been to selectively source this grain. Until now, they've had to rely on sourcing commodity corn. Now, through the MarketPoint resource, these buyers can purchase a higher grade of corn directly from the producer."

The advantage for growers is that they can post bushels to multiple buyers and receive incoming active private bids for their corn from buyers. Producers will be able to do this while telling buyers as much as they can about the high quality of the grain.

Growers can also differentiate their product offering on the MarketPoint resource by citing the grain's characteristics. Producers can differentiate themselves and increase their profit opportunity by earning the Pioneer "Grain Quality Certification," the result of a special training program showing these growers apply the best practices in grain management to preserve quality.

The MarketPoint resource offers convenience to participating growers by allowing them access to reports that summarize their grain sales for the year. Growers in the program will also receive cell phone text-message alerts on commodity prices, daily basis range and bid acceptance.

"The MarketPoint resource is built on the principle of growers differentiating their product of quality corn and putting it in front of as many buyers as possible," Schickler says. "Buyers compete to determine the ultimate price growers receive.

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