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Which first: $9 corn or $14 soybeans?

The corn and soybean markets have spent another week shooting sharply in both directions from zero. New information this week shows there's reason to believe those swings will continue, ultimately touching some price points the markets haven't seen in a long time, if ever. How will it all unfold? See the latest projections from market-watchers and traders here and add your 2 cents' worth!

$9 corn in next 6 months?


U.S. corn prices could hit $9 a bushel in the next six months as a result of the U.S. drought, which could potentially reduce corn supplies by as much as 2.1 billion bushels this crop year, one trader said this week from the a global grains conference in Geneva, adding the European Union's demand for corn imports could be as much as 12 million metric tons this agricultural crop year.

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$14-$15 soybean range?


With the soybean market taking off nearly $4.00 per bushel in the last 3-months, market-watchers wonder if the bearish outlook will be turned around while farmers scratch their heads about pricing more old and new-crop earlier than they had planned.

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