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Agriculture business news, including updates from farm machinery manufacturers, seed and chemical companies, and other agricultural services. Keep up to date on agribusiness with news and releases from across the agriculture industry.

The [A] List: 3 Big Things This Morning, Friday, April 24 By: 04/24/2015 @ 6:29am

Conflicting market factors weighing on the grains this morning.In the corn trade, the bird flu outbreak spreading throughout the U.S. is putting a lot of pressure on…

The [A] List: 3 Big Things This Morning, Thursday, April 23 By: 04/23/2015 @ 6:16am

Bearish pressures abound for the grains heading toward the weekend.The grains closed Wednesday's trading session…

More Farmers Locking in Interest Rates as Loan Volume Climbs -- Fed By: 04/22/2015 @ 11:05am

The continued erosion of grain prices has farm loans on the rise again in the nation's midsection, according to a…

Farmer Losses Mount As Brazilian Trucker Strike Rolls On By: 04/24/2015 @ 10:53am

PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil (Agriculture.com) - After the biggest truck strike in 15 years that began in February and March, Brazilian truckers are again blocking highways around the country to protest higher fuel…

The [A] List: 3 Big Things This Morning, Wednesday, April 22 By: 04/22/2015 @ 6:26am

What will bird flu mean to the grain markets? A big story the last few days in agriculture is confirmation of the bird flu in a few key poultry-producing states like Iowa, where officials said Tuesday…

Water Is Big Business in the Drought-Ravaged Golden State By: 04/21/2015 @ 3:25pm

Water is big business. It has been since farmers started using man-made structures and mechanisms to collect it for crop cultivation centuries ago.As California limps through what appears to be a fourth…

Hot Topic: The Pros & Cons of Buying Land Today By: 04/21/2015 @ 7:13am

The prospect of $3.00- or $3.50-per-bushel corn and $7.00- or $8.00-per-bushel soybeans for the foreseeable future doesn't exactly inspire the greatest confidence when looking at making a big-ticket buy…

The [A] List: 3 Big Things This Morning, Tuesday, April 21 By: 04/21/2015 @ 6:21am

Potential room for corn bulls to run on the way?Though the grains are lower across the board heading into today's open outcry trading session, they spent much of the overnight trade mixed after USDA…

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