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mark guildenzoph 02/03/2014 @ 10:16am Why is the soybean and corn market not limit up with this information?

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Re: Re: 02/04/2014 @ 6:13am There is plenty of Wheat, soy, corn etc.. Supply & demand rules the World in the end ... not the hedge funds. Prices must go down down down !!!!!!!!

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Depressed Prices not Seen Dropping… By: 07/11/2014 @ 2:37pm When soybeans reached their lowest value in Chicago since February (US$ 13.63 a bushel last week)…

South American Soybean Production Potential… By: 06/26/2014 @ 11:46am Compared to North America, the countries of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay are seen as…

Argentina's Farmers Sit on Wall of… By: 06/16/2014 @ 10:51am Argentina has sold approximately US$ 10.1 billion in grains so far this year, according to data…

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Weather Trumps Demand