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Northern Alberta 03/08/2012 @ 11:09pm As a Northern Alberta producer, I really don't put much stock into the idea that very many guys are considering seeding all of their acres to canola. Oat acres are certainly going to drop as its currently not price competitive with the other major crops, I think wheat acres will drop a little due to the uncertainty with the demise of the wheat board and the lack of clarity in contracts for wheat in the coming crop year, pea acres will climb as will canola. That said I don't know a single producer in my area, myself included who is considering 100% canola; rotations here have already been pushed to the limit and many producers have experienced canola on canola crop wrecks in the past. If wheat was two dollars yes it would be a sea of yellow, but with pea prices strong, and with cereals having alot of potential if a crop problem developes somewhere in the world most guys are sticking to rotations. At least thats the sense I'm getting.

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John Walter Re: Re: Northern Alberta 03/13/2012 @ 2:09pm Anthony: Thanks much for the good comments. You inspired me to write a follow-up piece to this story: Good luck with your planting this spring! -- John Walter

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