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Cooler, Drier Conditions Ahead -- Forecasters

Jeff Caldwell Updated: 07/16/2014 @ 11:21am Agricultural content creator and marketer.

Mother Nature keeps feeding the bears by preventing weather-related crop stress from mounting in much of corn and soybean country.

The latest summer-long outlook from MDA Weather Services shows a continued trend of cooler-than-normal temperatures in much of the Midwest and southeast U.S. through mid-September, a time frame in which the corn and soybean crops will likely feel little to no heat stress, says MDA senior ag meteorologist Don Keeney.

"The latest 31- to 60-day temperature outlook has trended warmer across the Plains, Prairies, and northwestern Midwest, while the central and eastern Midwest, Delta, and Southeast remains a bit cool," he says. "The continued lack of notable heat across the Midwest will prevent heat stress on any late growth of corn and soybeans."

That's good news, especially considering that a relative drydown could be in the cards later on this summer. But the areas where that dryness is most likely -- the northern Corn Belt -- have seen enough moisture up to this point that the corn and soybean crops won't likely be hurt by an extended period of dryness.

"The precipitation outlook has trended slightly drier in the northern Midwest, northern and southwestern Plains, and Prairies. The drier pattern in the northern Midwest is not expected to result in any significant stress on late growth of corn and soybeans, while the drier pattern in the northern Plains and Prairies will favor drydown and harvesting of the spring wheat," Keeney says. "The drier pattern in the southern Plains will favor early planting of winter wheat, but it will allow moisture to decline a bit."

Still, others say some areas could see some crop stress, namely for soybeans, if the dryness persists too much in parts of the Corn Belt.

"Moisture stays very limited over the bulk of the U.S. the next 10 days, with the exception of the southern Plains area," says Agriculture.com Marketing Talk veteran adviser Jennys_mn. "This could be a bad setup for the beans coming into August."

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