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Headed for an early frost?

Jeff Caldwell Updated: 08/14/2013 @ 2:38pm Agricultural content creator and marketer.

Crop development is behind schedule, making the prospect of a frost even at the normal time a frightening one for corn and soybean farmers. Will it happen earlier than normal?

Right now, signs point to no. Above-normal temperatures as far north as North Dakota will likely prevent any Arctic air from creeping south and driving the mercury south of the frost or freezing point, says MDA Weather Services senior ag meteorologist Don Keeney.

"Corn growth remains well behind normal in many areas, and this combined with the recent cool temperatures has spurred lots of talk of whether the corn will make it to maturity before frost occurs," he says. "Taking a look at our forecast temperatures for September, above-normal readings are expected across the northern Plains and into the Prairies. This would effectively limit the source of cold air from Canada."

Chances of a crop-nipping frost are actually greater farther south; in the Corn Belt, though, Keeney says at least 50% of the corn -- a common meteorological measure for frost damage -- would be safe from first frost damage starting September 14.

"A 'normal' frost occurrence would likely result in some limited damage to corn across the northern Midwest, mainly Minnesota and western Wisconsin, but the majority of the crop would be safe," Keeney says.

At this point, Keeney is optimistic that frost won't precede this "normal" timeframe.

"Based on the current forecast for September, we would anticipate a normal or even slightly later-than-normal frost this year," he adds.


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GDU History 08/13/2013 @ 9:45am I have listed this site before, but I thought I would list again: http://classic.wunderground.com/ I did the weather history, and here is where 2013 ranks (#15 of the last 20 or so years): 2012 2115 2007 2090 2001 2037 2006 2036 2005 2013 2010 2005 2002 1954 2011 1857 1998 1783 1999 1779 2003 1688 1994 1664 1995 1654 2008 1649 2013 1615 2004 1593 1996 1537 2009 1530 1997 1482 2000 1425 1993 1344 This, coupled with some late planting, could make for an interesting Fall. corny

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Re: Re: GDU History 08/14/2013 @ 6:49am Hey, 48 degrees in SE Minny this morning, how many hours do I have to wait to start counting GDUs ???

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