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Corn prices were too low for too long...... 08/02/2012 @ 6:30am Nobody has siad how corn farmers sold corn at a loss for too long until RFS. Therefore many others got "use" to those artificially low corn prices. Corn farmers deserved a profit to. In fact you can say that acreage and yields were rising until the drought of 2012 to match this new demand. There was a glut of corn sold for $2.50 per bushel and something had to be done. The people keep driving as much as ever and there was desire to grow some of that fuel demand. Corn farmers could not survive on $2.50 corn any longer, at least I couldn't!!

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Blame-Corn Farmers,NCGA, RFA and Growth Energy 08/01/2012 @ 10:18pm Corn growers and ethanol have been blasting livestock groups for the last five years. Ethanol and corn growers have the RFS and show no signs of giving any concessions. Livestock has been cutting every year since the RFS was passed, trying to get their prices in line with costs. Who else is there to blame but ethanol?

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Blame = Corn Farmers, NCGA, RFA and Growth Energy, 08/01/2012 @ 6:35pm Mr. Hurt constantly comments, but is rarely correct and in my opinion is "owned" by agribusiness so why would farmers even listen to him. This is not a civil war, it's one group, the corn lobby, trying to wreck American agriculture in the name of their own selfish interests. You can call a duck whatever you want, but its still a duck.

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Re: Re: Blame = Corn Farmers, NCGA, RFA and Growth Ene 08/01/2012 @ 6:37pm Corn ethanol was created by special interest to suck tax dollars out of the American taxpayer and redistribute them to corn farmers, ag input suppliers and ethanol promotors. Eventually the American people will wake up when all the food is gone! Too bad, no more food because we burned it all up to dilute our gasoline!!!

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