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07/05/2011 @ 10:55am It's getting very dry in parts of extreme Southeast Michigan, Northeast Indiana, and Northern Ohio. The crops are still holding their own but rain is scarce in the 10 day forcast. I am at 3 weeks without rain currently.

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07/05/2011 @ 9:09am Way too much like 1983 in my book here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The only year I ever collected on crop insurance in my 37 year farming career. 1983 was a wet spring, delayed planting, things looked good in June, and last rain before Labor Day was on July 4th. We had a shower on July 3rd, and nothing in our forecast for at least 15 days. Corn just ready to push tassel, thankfully minimial drought stress yet, and temps only forecast to reach low 90's.

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