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"One nation" must act as one. 10/28/2013 @ 12:29pm Great suggestions for adaptation in this article. I'm sure we will pool the 'best practices' worldwide to improve on them. However, temperatures are predicted to increase five to seven times greater than we have if we proceed on our emissions track. Past predictions by the scientific community were ignored, and a hundred million dollar denial industry set up to scoff at and attack the science (we were warned more than 30 years ago about the effects we are seeing now). Conservative and liberal economists strongly support a refundable carbon price. This charges coal/oil for the damages they create (Harvard Medical School study estimates a hidden tax of about $400 billion/year). Collected fees would be returned to all citizens as a check (like an IRS refund) or reduced taxes. Such bills are currently in Congress. Support those in Congress who want to limit emissions in this way.

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Re: Re: "One nation" must act as one. 02/27/2014 @ 5:20pm Plant a tree for the shade (and a million other free services they provide) and call your congressperson. Then repeat often. And, use those USDA climate hubs as soon as you can; many of these climate impacts are foreseeable. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. And, keep your fingers crossed for luck - you're gonna need it. We need to get off fossil fuels immediately. And, well said, Jan, but I suspect even with carbon pricing, it may be too late.

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