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Networking and new technology at AG CONNECT Expo

Agriculture.com Staff 12/01/2015 @ 11:13pm

This week's first-ever AG CONNECT Expo, held in Orlando, Florida, is a chance for farmers and members of agribusiness from around the world to see the latest new technology for the production of food, fuel and fiber.

But, it's also more than that. It's a chance for farmers with common interests and ideas to come together from all corners of the world to network and share information about their business in the hopes of fostering a footing of common ground among all farmers.

"You know that to be in contact with other countries, you're always learning. Business is culture, basically," says Alida Fleury Bellandi, president of Guarany company, a Brazilian maker of spraying and crop protection equipment who also serves as director of that nation's Directoria Estrategica de Marketing Internacional, a global marketing organization. "When you understand how someone's solving their problems, you can benefit from that understanding."

Alida Bellandi talks about the value of global networking and seeing the latest ag technology at the 2010 AG CONNECT Expo.

Though continents and oceans separate many of the farmers who are at AG CONNECT Expo this week, there's a common theme: They're looking to not only connect with other farmers, but also learn about and purchase the technologies that can help them improve their farms. Those needs, however, aren't always the same.

For Teodoro Picado, a farmer from Inmatesa, Chinandega, Nicaragua, he's in Orlando to see the latest precision equipment that can streamline his peanut, sorghum and corn farm.

"[I'm] Always looking to stay abreast with new technology, that's why I'm here," he says. "Right now, we don't have GPS for our motorized equipment, so we're searching for something in that order right now.

"You have to be a progressive farmer to be ahead of the curve or else you'll get left behind. A bad year, a bad crop and you're out of the picture," he says, adding his 2009 crops fell victim to drought conditions brought on by El Nino.

Teodoro Picado, a farmer from Nicaragua at AG CONNECT Expo this week, talks about his farm and the technology that's catching his eye on the trade show floor.

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