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New ag products, services on display at InfoExpo

Agriculture.com Staff 11/27/2015 @ 4:45pm

Agribusinesses showcased an array of new products and services at the Agricultural Media Summit, being held in Portland, Oregon, July 22-26. Companies exhibiting at the event's InfoExpo gave agricultural journalists updates and previews of new offerings for the shop, field, office and barn. Highlights of the offerings included:

Unverferth unveiled its new 1010 grain cart, the first-ever low-profile dual-auger cart for the company. The 1,050-bushel-capacity cart unloads 700 bushels in a minute. "The cart unloads really fast," said Jerry Ecklund, Unverferth representative. The cart also features a 12-foot transport width for enhanced harvest efficiency and quicker return to the combine. The 1010 will be shown at the fall farm shows and marketed in 2007, Ecklund said.

The Miller Shopmate 300 DX is a multi-process welder that combines stick, MIG, flux cored, and TIG welding. By turning a process selector, the operator can switch to the type of welding needed for the job at hand using the right accessories.

According to Chris Roehl, light industrial product manager, the new welding machine bridges the generation gap of modern-day farmers. "Dad knows how to stick weld and his son knows MIG welding. This one tool will allow them to do both."

Features include a built-in 10-pin connector for direct hook-up of Spoolmatic 15A and 30A spool guns, 14-pin connector for direct connection to Miller wire feeders and accessories, Fan-On-Demand, Line Voltage Compensation, and three-year factory warranty. In addition, the machine works off of single-phase power -- 208, 230, 460, and 575.

Bayer Crop Science is planning to launch what it says is the first new wheat chemistry in 20 years. It's a yet unnamed broadleaf product that farmers will be able to buy next year. Broadleaves it controls includes strains of Canada thistle and kochia that have become resistant to other wheat chemistries.

Bayer is also launching a couple new fungicides for 2007. One is Prosaro for control of fusarium head blight (scab) in spring wheat. The other fungicide is Absolute, which controls diseases like rust on both winter wheat and spring wheat.

Bayer is also planning to market Liberty Link soybeans later this decade.

Monsanto has added 15 seed brands that will carry its Vistive low-linolenic soybeans in 2007, bringing the total up to 28. Monsanto will be holding farmer meetings later this year to sign up acreage for 2007. Farmers who grew Vistive soybeans in 2005 gleaned a premium of 40 cents per bushel, while growers in 2006 received a premium of up to 45 cents per bushel.

Dow AgroSciences has submitted a small grains broadleaf compound containing the active ingredient florasulam to federal regulators for registration. It likely will be available to farmers in 2008. It will join new small grain herbicides Dow has launched in recent years, including Widematch, Starane NXT and CleanWave.

The National Cattlemen's Beef Association, in conjunction with Pfizer Animal Health, have implemented an interactive tool that cattle producers can use to learn new production methods for better herd health and cattle reproduction. The tool is available on the Web or in DVD format.

There is a minimal fee for the tool. For more information, visit www.cattlelearningcenter.com or www.beefusa.com.

BASF has developed a high-performance insecticide, Alverde, to control insects in potatoes, vegetables, and a variety of other crops. The technology allows producers to manage resistant pests while at the same time maintaining beneficial insects and pollinators.

Alverde is expected to gain U.S. regulatory approval by the end of 2006. The company plans to launch the product in 2007.

Changes in tillage, spraying operations and other farming practices can enable more farmers to switch to more efficient, large-volume tires, according to Kevin Lutz, Michelin-North America. Lutz showed how the company's high-volume tires create a larger "foot print" in the field, reducing soil compaction and boosting efficiency. Field trials have demonstrated that the large-volume tires are 40% more efficient than conventional tires, Lutz said. In the test, a tractor equipped with the large-volume tires pulled seven shanks on a tillage tool at the same pace as another tractor with conventional tires pulled five shanks. Michelin's high-volume tires are available on new high-horsepower tractors and can also be retrofitted on standard rims.

Isagro USA introduced itself to U.S. agriculture at the conference. The unit is a subsidiary of Isagro SpA, based in Milan, Italy. Isagro has been in business in Europe and other places internationally for many years, but just entered the U.S. market in 2004, explains Isagro USA president Dennis Krass. "We are focused on solving problems in new ways for producers and bringing new and value-driven products to the markets we serve," he says in introducing his new company, based in North Carolina.

Right now, Isagro has two products being marketed in the U.S. One is a fungicide called Domark that will control Asian soybean rust. Another version of that product is sold as Eminent for fungus control in sugar beets. Their second product is a copper fungicide called Badge, used for canker control in citrus crops as well as other diseases in fruits and vegetables. Krass explains that Florida used to have an eradication program in place for citrus canker, but with the recent devastating hurricanes, that program has been abandoned and fungicides are back in use.

Within the next few years, Isagro USA will have a few new crop protection products coming to market.

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., announced the implementation of a program for monitoring circovirus disease program. The company's MAGIC program will help swine producers and veterinarians identify, assess, and monitor several disease risk factors related to porcine circovirus associated diseases (PCVAD).

MAGIC is a comprehensive survey of a producer's swine health program to establish a benchmark for disease status, which includes diagnostic screenings.

"This program will help veterinarians and producers in the field better understand the dynamics of the problem. In turn, we can then distribute and place products appropriately so it's a win/win situation," says Gary Robertson, respiratory product manager for Boehringer Ingelheim.

Agribusinesses showcased an array of new products and services at the Agricultural Media Summit, being held in Portland, Oregon, July 22-26. Companies exhibiting at the event's InfoExpo gave agricultural journalists updates and previews of new offerings for the shop, field, office and barn. Highlights of the offerings included:

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