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Apple’s iWatch Right Around the Corner?

Technology is a huge ally on the farm, whether that may be a smartphone, smart watch, or even the to be released Google Glass. Now you may soon have a companion to your Apple Device.

Recently Apple released a US patent on details for their electronic wristband that includes numerous functions. The patent says that the device will include various sensors, vibration alerts, and even a wristband battery. The patent appears to claim the device will charge the battery when the mobile electronic device is provided in the receptacle area. This seems to mean that wireless charging may be featured via a pad or other surface.

Unlike the Moto 360 featured in this slideshow, the Apple iWatch may come with a square face. There is also the question of durability, which is always in question for farmers when expensive electronic equipment in purchased. Nevertheless, a smart watch may take the road of the smart phone, a device that is essential to our productivity.

There has been quite a bit of speculation within the smart watch community about an Apple version, but only time will tell how this device will look…or even it will exist.

Source: International Digital Times

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