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GVL Poly brings cancer awareness to ag equipment

Agriculture.com Staff 02/08/2011 @ 1:18pm

When Allan Cronen, CEO of GVL Poly, an agricultural polyethylene parts manufacturing company, witnessed a close family member’s struggle with breast cancer, he was committed to help others battling the same disease. He quickly realized that cancer has no discrimination. All walks, ages, educations, male or female are victims. Allan knew that the very clients his business served were affected in one way or another by breast cancer. He was especially sympathetic toward the husband and wife farming partners when one of them was dealing with the set-backs of cancer and its direct impact to their farming operations.  

Allan decided to put his manufacturing know-how and resources to work. He researched and received endorsement from the American Cancer Society to start a fundraising campaign. He fondly named it “Harvest a CURE”. Allan and his staff developed special “pink” polyethylene parts for combine heads; snout wear points and the Dust Diverter.  Profits from the sale of these parts will go to American Cancer Society’s breast cancer research. To help promote the awareness of breast cancer and sales of the special ‘pink’ parts, Allan procured branded T-shirts and caps. Here too, profits from the sales of these wearable clothing will go towards breast cancer research.

The unveiling of these new “pink” parts and clothing will happen at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, February 16 – 19. No worries if you miss this show and wanted to take part in this unique breast cancer fundraiser. GVL will be attending other shows across the country and showcasing their Harvest a CURE breast cancer fundraising cause. 

GVL has created a webpage, harvestacure.com, that provides more details of the “pink” product and clothing specially designed for their breast cancer awareness and fundraising effort. 

As a result of the launch of GVL’s Harvest a CURE campaign for 2011, Allan Cronen intends to continue to promote cancer fundraising campaigns each year targeting a different type of cancer.  

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