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In-depth: decisions from precision

Gil Gullickson 03/01/2013 @ 2:23pm Crops Technology Editor for Successful Farming magazine/Agriculture.com

Today’s combine typically collects data every eight feet. This creates millions of data points across a farm. But how do you sort it out all that in order to make agronomic decisions?

That’s created a niche for companies to create products enabling farmers to make decisions out of precision farming. DuPont Pioneer announced its Pioneer Field360 services this week at the Commodity Classic in Kissimmee, Florida. These services are designed to aid farmers in sorting data in order to to tailor specific agronomic programs.

Initial offerings under this service are two free apps.

The Pioneer Field360 Notes app gives two-way communication capacity between farmers and with DuPont Pioneer agronomists, sales professionals, and growers.  “It’s a powerful new app that puts field observations at your fingertips,” says John Chism, DuPont Pioneer senior marketing manager for services implementation.

“A farmer scouting in a field with the app can record field observations on a note-by-note basis,” says Chism. They have the option to share or not to share the notes with DuPont Pioneer personnel, he adds.

The app is currently available at the Apple app store for iPad and iPhone devices and will be available for Android technology this spring.

The Pioneer Field 360 Plantability app allows growers to scan a seed tag to indicate their planter type in order to boost planter performance and seed-drop accuracy.  “It gives them quick access to planter settings for that seed lot they are planting,” says Chism.  This app is currently available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Later this year, DuPont Pioneer will make available its Pioneer Field360 Select service. This mobile subscription service will use web-based software that allows growers to monitor fields in real-time for precipitation, Growing Degree Unit (GDU) information and corn growth stage development. Interactive maps show management layers, yield, as-planted detail and field boundaries. It is compatible with Pioneer Field360 and runs on any computer or tablet with Internet access.

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