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Leading the Way in Whole-Farm Decision Services

Kacey Birchmier 03/04/2014 @ 10:34am I grew up on a fourth-generation farm in central Iowa. Follow me on twitter - @KaceyBirchmier.

DuPont Pioneer, the advanced seed and genetics business of DuPont, launched Encirca services, a suite of whole-farm decision services to help improve productivity and profitability of grower operations. These tailored, brand-neutral offerings will be delivered through local Encirca Certified Services Agents who work directly with farmers to analyze and customize recommendations based on individual needs and priorities to make timely business decisions.

“Customers are asking us for this kind of tool,” says Joe Foresman, director for Decision Services. “Profitability is becoming a more important issue for our customers as commodity prices soften.” 

"The launch of Encirca services represents an increasingly important part of the Pioneer growth strategy," says DuPont executive vice president James C. Borel. "There is enormous potential for these services to help improve productivity for North America corn and soybean farmers and extend globally to a wide range of crops and markets. Our offerings put the customer's need for flexibility and convenience first, draw on the capabilities of industry-leading collaborators, and tie in one of the industry's largest teams of professional agricultural advisers."

Encirca View will be the first offering to launch under the Encirca services-brand umbrella this March. Growers will have the option of signing up for a free mobile-enabled information platform that organizes crop observations and notes and provides access to Pioneer expert advisers; or opting for a premium, fee-based program that also includes market news and analysis, innovative grain trading capabilities, and field-specific weather forecasts.

“One of the major key value points the Encirca View brings to the table is it gives growers a source of information to accumulate that outlook, not only on how their crops are doing, but more importantly, how crops are doing across the U.S. and Canada,” says Dan Uppena, business manager for Decision Services. 

DuPont Pioneer will release Encira Yield later this year - a fee-based offering that will help growers effectively assess, plan, and analyze critical inputs such as seed, nitrogen/fertility, and water to improve placement and management.

In the next decade, Encirca services are estimated to deliver a peak revenue stream of more than $500 million annually for Pioneer. Additional services will be rolled out under the Encirca services brand in 2015 and beyond.

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Who Else, And How? 03/04/2014 @ 2:41pm One gets the impression that Monsanto is getting ready to play in this market, as well. I wonder if there will be independent businesses that are not one of the seed and input giants who will offer farmers an alternative level playing field when it comes to micro-managing the farm?

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