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The new language of greed 01/09/2014 @ 1:05pm What monsanto really wants is a new language to hide their greed and political manipulation of agriculture policies. Their misuse of the judicial system to destroy anyone who stands against their goal of owning the procreative means of food production is evil to the core.

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All the PR Spin in the World is not Going to make 10/23/2013 @ 4:17pm GMOs are fulfilling none of the claims made by the Corporate Ag Overlords. Monsanto has given us nothing but lies and half-truths regarding the Human & environmental health hazards that are increasingly apparent with GMO crops. Not only has use of pesticides and herbicides increased dramatically since the onset of wide spread use, they are spending MILLIONS to fight labeling campaigns across the country because they know that once GMOs are labelled, all the spin in the world is not going to stop the wide-spread rejection of them in the market. Why should we trust the chemical company that gave us Agent Orange to know what's safe for our food system? Screw Monsanto and the greedy transnational corporations that are trying to monopolize all the world's seed via patenting and turning our farmers into mere sharecroppers and serfs on the land. The World Food Prize is just the latest dog & pony show put on by lying corporateers who think Americans are so easily fooled that they will literally eat just about anything ...

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