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New iron tools on display at Classic

02/28/2014 @ 9:00am

As the first day of 19th Annual Commodity Classic comes to a close in San Antonio, Texas, a record crowd of more than 6,800 registrants flooded the tradeshow floor to learn what companies were showcasing. Below are a few of the highlights.

Stalk Bender

A young farmer from Haxtun, Colorado showcased his invention to protect tires and tracks from stalks.

“The Stalk Bender is a simple attachment mounted in front of the tire or track to bend stalks in the direction of travel as you pass over them instead of driving into them,” says the inventor, Steven Meakins. “The simple motion significantly reduces the impact on tires and tracks saving wear and tear on the tread and extending the life of the tractor, tires and tracks.”

The Bender attaches to the frame and is positioned one to three feet in front of the tire and between four to five inches from the ground.

“It uses a torsion spring principle to absorb the impact of the stalks, bending the it over in the process,” he explains.

The patented design features T-Bars the same width as the tire and gently pushes cornstalks forward just before they make contact with the tire or track.

The Stalk Bender is available for tractors and planters. The cost for the tractor version ranges from $2,000 to $3,000; while the unit for the planter is priced at $400 per tire.

Learn more at stalkbender.com.

True-Tandem 335 Vertical Tillage

Case IH debuted their latest vertical tillage tool – the True-Tandem 335, which can be used for fall or spring tillage.

This tool features Earth Metal blades, which are made from virgin metal. The result is a sturdier, more rigid blade that is more resistant to the impact from rocks and in the end less breakages.

“The blades also level the soil by tossing it up and laterally away from the blades,” says Christopher Lursen, Case IH.

A new active hydraulic down pressure system on the unit’s rolling rear basket gives farmers added control from the cab. You can adjust on the go as field conditions change - increasing it in harder soils and decreasing it in softer soils to find the soil conditioning sweet spot.

A double rolling basket option on the True-Tandem 335 VT is available to further condition the soil. The rear baskets use the patented Case IH double-edge bar. “It sizes clods and better levels the soil to improve yield potential,” says Lursen.

This tillage tool also requires less maintenance thanks to a greaseless walking tandem and rolling basket bearings.

The implement is available in five sizes – 22, 25, 28, 31, and 34 feet. The company plans to add a 42 and 47 feet version in the future.

Customers can begin ordering the True-Tandem 335 in May 2014 for spring 2015 delivery.

Learn more at caseih.com.


Data continues to be the topic of discussion at many trade shows this winter and Commodity Classic is no exception.

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