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Pioneer rolls out drought tolerance for 2011

Agriculture.com Staff 01/21/2011 @ 9:44am

If you plant Pioneer corn hybrids, you're going to have a lot bigger choice for what you put in the ground this spring.

Officials at Pioneer Hi-Bred announced Friday the release of 108 new hybrids and "integrated refuge products" for the 2011 growing season. The new group of products, according to a Pioneer report, represents 29 new genetic families and puts more focus on local conditions, says Pioneer North American director of corn product evaluation, Bob Heimbaugh.

"The new genetic families and hybrids released in 2011 are the result of increased efforts in localized testing, featuring evaluation and advancement decisions made by local area management and agronomy teams," Heimbaugh says. "The new IMPACTTM (Intensively Managed Product Advancement, Characterization and Training) trial system is providing the opportunity to test and select from an increased number of genetic families and help ensure these new families are tested in the right environments to fulfill local area and grower needs."

The new product release, according to Pioneer, is highlighted by 3 new product features:

  • The first class of Optimum® AcreMaxTM 1 (AM1) insect protection includes 38 new AM1 products, which offers an in-the-bag, integrated and reduced refuge solution for corn rootworm (CRW) and allows growers the flexibility to plant the required corn borer refuge up to one-half mile away.
  • The first class of Optimum® AcreMaxTM RW (AMRW) insect protection includes 13 new AMRW products, which offers growers the opportunity to utilize integrated CRW technology on all their acres when used as a refuge for corn borer.
  • The first class of Optimum® AQUAmax includes five new families and eight new hybrids to help growers minimize risk and maximize productivity under drought stress conditions.

"The new Optimum AQUAmax hybrids offer growers additional choices to help minimize their risk and maximize their productivity under water-limitaed environments," adds Monica Patterson, senior marketing manager for technology launch at Pioneer.

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