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Tired of cleaning sprinkler nozzles? Check us out! ***WE CAN SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY*** The Drop Nozzle Filter solves the problem of needing to walk the sprinkler and clean the nozzles every time the sprinkler is shutdown and restarted, thus saving the farmer valuable time and money. The Drop Nozzle Filter will prevent the orifices from becoming clogged with small particles of sand, rust, and debris. When using the Drop Nozzle Filter you will: -Maintain a true water pattern -Improve irrigation efficiency -Yield healthier crops -Reduce cleaning time, saving you money! One of the pictures below shows an example of the corn crop with clogged AND clean nozzles next to each other. The crop obviously suffered where the nozzles were clogged. The filter inside the body of the Drop Nozzle Filter unit traps debris from inside the sprinkler system and allows water to pass through the orifice. When the filter unit needs to be cleaned, the valve is depressed, allowing the debris to pass through the orifice flushing out all the sand, rust and debris trapped by the Drop Nozzle Filter. When installing the Drop Nozzle Filter, the unit is placed on top of the regulator. It is important when the filter unit is placed on the drop that the regulator be clean, otherwise debris will continue to pass through the orifice. Once the Drop Nozzle Filter has been installed with a clean regulator, you will only have to flush the filter *ONE TIME PER YEAR! We ship all over the United States. Call or email for any questions and prices! CONTACT GAVIN NASH AT: (806) 319-0678

NO MORE CLOGGED SPRINKLER NOZZLES! By: Gavin Nash 06/06 @ 2:53am Tired of cleaning sprinkler nozzles? Check us out!***WE CAN SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY***The Drop…
NO MORE CLOGGED NOZZLES! By: Gavin Nash 10/18 @ 1:24pm Tired of cleaning sprinkler nozzles? We now have a TIME SAVING solution for having to clean nozzles…

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