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Bill Spiegel

Bill Spiegel Wheat, Machinery, Cover Crops

I grew up in north-central Kansas, and am the Fourth Generation to maintain and manage our farm; we grow wheat, soybeans and grain sorghum. I'm a 1993 graduate of Kansas State University in ag communications.

Grassroots Experiment Wonders: Can Cover Crops Provide Enough Nitrogen for Winter Wheat? By: Bill Spiegel 10/31 @ 11:06am Carl Coleman, Dillon, South Carolina, is conducting cover crop research on his farm using…
Winter Annual Weed Control Now Saves Nitrogen, Boosts Yield By: Bill Spiegel 10/29 @ 4:39pm Many winter annual weeds are appearing in fields throughout the Corn Belt, and Nathan Mueller…
How Did Your Corn Planter Perform? By: Bill Spiegel 08/05 @ 2:22pm A corn planter set properly can have a dramatic impact on stand establishment, according to…
Wyffels Hybrids 2014 Corn Strategies Conference By: Bill Spiegel 07/10 @ 4:49pm Hundreds of farmers gathered for Wyffels Hybrid's Corn Strategies Conference near Knoxville, IL..
Sit down with 6 former ag secretaries By: Bill Spiegel 10/29 @ 9:02am Former USDA leaders chat big issues facing ag, food & policy sectors today.
Winning combo: No-till & cover crops By: Bill Spiegel 08/15 @ 9:59am A group of farmers saw the latest in cover crops in no-till systems on a recent tour.

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