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Ihuaiyao Local Foods Trading Co.,Ltd (ILFT)located in Jiaozuo, which is a city of north of China and along the Yellow River, is established in 2008. ILFT plants, processes, sells the Four Huai Medicines including Chinese Yam, Prepared Radices Rehmannia, Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae, Huai Chrysanthemum. As well-known, the Four Huai Medicines are planted in Wenxian Town of Jiaozuo City, along the Yellow River. The Chinese Yam is rich in Proteins, Vitamin-B,C,E, Choline ,which are useful and healthy for people. It is good for the internal organs of the body, can lower the blood sugar, can improve immunity, and can prevent cardiovascular disease etc.. It is widely used for topical spice and medical plant. ILFT plants thousand hectares of Tiegun Chinese Yam, and sold them all over the world. In order to make storage and eating convenient, we make the Chinese Yam Extract from the fresh Chinese Yam. Through the skin-off ,cleanness, slicing, fumigating, drying, then we get the Chinese Yam Extract.They have the same nutrient components as the fresh Chinese Yam. The Prepared Radices Rehmannia is rich in microelement such as Manganese, Copper, Chromium, Zinc , Ferrum etc. It is steamed by yellow wine from fresh Radices Rehmannia. It can fill in the marrow, promote blood circulation and black the white hairs etc.. The Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae is rich in Alkaloid, which can lower the blood sugar, Ecdysterone, which can enhance cell activity etc.. The Huai Chrysanthemum is rich in Vitamin-A,B, Flavone, Amino Acid, Organized Eozymes etc..It can clear liver and improve vision, lower the blood sugar. ILFT has QC to control the quality of all the products, and also we have certificates. . ILFT is willing to share the local healthy spice with the people all over the world!

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Chinese Yam By: Kiidy dou 05/09 @ 3:31am
Chinese Yam Extract By: Kiidy dou 05/09 @ 12:00am Size: Width from 1cmm-3cm Stock: Seals, cool and dry…

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