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Shanghai Hensin Industry Co.,Ltd.,which is a professional manufacturer of food ingredient in China. Our main products including many kinds of seasoning powder / liquid / paste such as HVP, instant soy sauce powder, fruit and vegetable powder, amino acid powder stock cube etc. We offer OEM/ODM process service for all of our products. With have rich experence and the most professional technology, we know exactly how to reduce the cost from resource to products, so price of our products are lower than other suppliers. Our website is please refer to it! Thanks!

HAP powder-Shanghai Hensin Industry CO., Ltd. By: Dujuan Lu 09/03 @ 4:38am Definition HAP powder, which is short for hydrolyzed animal protein powder, it is made from…
Seasoning cubes By: Dujuan Lu 09/02 @ 2:44am Seasoning cubes is a kind of mixed seasoning, with meat powder, MSG, spicy, pepper, onion, salt…
Rally on debt deal By: Dujuan Lu 08/01 @ 9:03am US grain and soybean futures rallied overnight, as US law makers reached a tentative agreement to…
U.S. eyes Middle East soy market By: Dujuan Lu 06/21 @ 4:37pm Prior to the political unrest in 2011, the U.S. was exporting about 18 million bushels of soybeans…

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