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Jiangsu Tianyu Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd is located in High-tech Innovation Center Park, Jiangyan City, Jiangsu Province.We are professional grain circulation dryer manufacturer. Since 2010,we have independently researched and developed Tianyu 5HXG Grain Drying Machines Series. The new general type grain (seed) dryer uses the intelligent touch screen and PLC control technology, and achieve in the automation of work of the whole process, and ensure the highly reliability of equipment performance.they have two sets of drying process for food and seeds, without modification, directly used for rice, wheat, corn, soybean, sorghum, wheat,etc a variety of food and seed drying, and ensure the quality of grain and germination rate of seed. Our company constantly develop and test in grain drying machine in order to demand for the customers local actual in the grain drying machinery and coal, straw, rice chaff stove etc. and bring greater economic benefits for cutomers."Manufacturing advanced and reliable equipment,satisfying customers" is our purpose and pursuit.

Low temperature circulating grain dryer By: Johnson Zhang 08/16 @ 12:00am  Tianyu grain dryer  agricultural equipment1.Tianyu 5HXG-120 grain drying capacity:…

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