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Applying fall fertilizerIt's safe to apply anhydrous ammonia with the ground temperature below 50°F. Photo by David Ekstrom.

That look By: 12/31/1969 @ 11:00pm

Who can resist that look! Photo by Kari Hollman.

3 By: 12/31/1969 @ 11:00pm

The center houses a full laboratory with a teaching and research apiary, honey extraction and hive maintenance space; interactive learning center; and meeting, training and presentation facilities for…

4 By: 12/31/1969 @ 11:00pm

Jeremiah Jones shared this photo of his John Deere tractor stuck in the mud.

5 By: 12/31/1969 @ 11:00pm

They needed a crane to pull the sprayer out. Photo by Brad Peiffer.

6 By: 12/31/1969 @ 11:00pm

Brad Peiffer of Coal Valley, Illinios, shared this photo of their stuck Nitro sprayer.

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Adam Royle of Northfield, Minnesota, shared a photo of his stuck sprayer.

8 By: 12/31/1969 @ 11:00pm

Reinhardt Ferreira shared a photo of getting stuck while hauling manure.

9 By: 12/31/1969 @ 11:00pm

While still not a common sight in central Iowa, one field had emerged corn near Carlisle.

11 By: 12/31/1969 @ 11:00pm

Crop Rotation May Not Help with Sudden Death Syndrome“This pathogen has the ability to grow on and reproduce on corn residue. It can be recovered on corn residue at a higher rate than on soybean residue,”…

8 By: 12/31/1969 @ 11:00pm

I think by the end of the week we will be ahead of our long-term planting averages, says Jeschke. It causes optimism, which you have to have in agriculture.

1 By: 12/31/1969 @ 11:00pm

Cover crops provide more than traditional erosion-control benefits. To access these perks, you need to know each cover crop’s specialty and how to manage the different cover crops.

9 By: 12/31/1969 @ 11:00pm

Curious how to seed these cover crops? Click here to learn about common and new cover crop seeding options.

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