Timeline: Farm Technology & The Internet Side-by-side By: 04/29/2015 @ 2:16pm

See how technology's developed over the last few decades, both on and off the farm.

Are the Bears Prepping for an Exit from the Grains? By: 01/29/2015 @ 11:19am

Speculation about when the grain markets' bottom will arrive and early spring planting ideas are big this week.

Old-crop Corn Marketing Strategies || An Early Spring Ahead? By: 01/22/2015 @ 12:15pm

What to do with last year's corn crop and how you'll get this year's crop started are major stories in agriculture this week.

A Week of Big Data & High Tech for the Farm By: 01/15/2015 @ 11:06am

While the technology and automotive industries gather, USDA releases market-moving crop data and the oil market continues to tank.

Oil & Russian Wheat Drive Grain Markets As Year Winds Down By: 12/17/2014 @ 2:05pm

It's been a volatile week in some market sectors as farmers get welcome news on the tax front.

Oil Market Sags; Grains Stuck In Neutral By: 12/04/2014 @ 10:45am

The crude oil market continues to slide as the grains move chop laterally. What else is big this week?

Tips To Make Raising Cattle Easier & More Efficient By: 11/24/2014 @ 8:35am

Check out these hot topics -- from new products to alternative grazing systems -- to streamline your beef operation.

Winter Blast; Grain Bulls Run Out Of Gas By: 11/19/2014 @ 3:35pm

The weather changed drastically this week while the grain markets struggled to stay out of the red.

Winter Roars In As Grain Market Bulls Find Signs of Life By: 11/13/2014 @ 6:02am

As winter makes an early entrance, farmers and economists run numbers for the next year's grain revenue prospects this week.

Cash Grain Spotlight, Harvesttime Showers, Election Results By: 11/06/2014 @ 9:19am

Elections, harvest & gloomy markets are all big stories in agriculture this week.

Harvest Rolls; Cattle Prices Shatter Records By: 10/29/2014 @ 3:09pm

Soybean harvest continues to lead corn & the farmland market's still active.

Farmers 'Very Apprehensive' in Southern Brazil By: 10/24/2014 @ 12:00pm

A recent tour around the Parana state of Brazil reveals weather has farmers nervous about crop potential.

Harvest Leaps Forward As Weather Window Flies Open By: 10/23/2014 @ 6:43am

A largely warm, dry weather pattern has the combines running hard this week.

Stop-and-go Corn Harvest Continues; Cattle, Hog Optimism By: 10/08/2014 @ 3:01pm

The winding road of fall harvest heads around the next corner.

Combines Roll, Markets Struggle; Pork Powerhouses Surge By: 10/02/2014 @ 9:14am

Despite rain delays, corn and soybean harvest rolls on as the grain markets slide.

Tips for Surviving Tight Farm Times By: 09/26/2014 @ 11:10am

Times are tight on a lot of Midwestern grain farms these days. Here are a few steps you can take to help make the lean times easier.

Gear Up Your Grain Bins By: 09/26/2014 @ 10:28am

Is your grain storage in good shape? Check out the latest features and get your bins ready!

Strolling the Farms of the Old Country By: 09/24/2014 @ 10:58am

I got to check out a bit of the area's agricultural history during a recent visit to Germany.

Last-minute Fall Harvest Prep Tips By: 09/10/2014 @ 9:31am

Are you ready to roll this fall? Keep these key points in mind as you hit the field!

Cutting Cash Needs on Your Farm? Try Leasing Iron By: 09/09/2014 @ 3:37pm

Leasing and buying both have pros and cons. See how leasing might help you trim your cash needs during the corn & soybean downturn.

Preharvest Crop Shots: Variable Late Progress By: 09/08/2014 @ 1:53pm Marketing Talk members share views of their fields as fall harvest nears in the Corn Belt.

Rounding the Preharvest Homestretch; Ukraine War 'A Shot Away' By: 09/03/2014 @ 2:12pm

It's time to start finalizing fall harvest plans. See what else you need to know this week.

Farmland Outlooks & Moisture Extremes: What To Know This Week By: 08/28/2014 @ 11:28am

Temperatures moderated in the Midwest and the markets continued to slip as crop conditions stabilize.

Crop Guesses & Economic Messes: What to Know This Week By: 08/21/2014 @ 9:29am

As crop estimates continue to trickle in, more news shows how much the farm economy's tilting lower. See what else you need to know this week.

A Monster Soybean Crop || Cooking Up 2015 Cash Rents By: 08/13/2014 @ 10:24am

Crop conditions stood stable and USDA pegged a record-large soybean crop this year. See what else you need to know this week.

Top-Notch Crop Weather & Tumbling Grain Markets By: 07/30/2014 @ 1:28pm

The grain trade's hurting for any piece of bullish news as favorable crop weather dominates.

6 Things to Check in Your Corn Fields Right Now By: 07/25/2014 @ 10:24am

Do you have a bin-buster growing in your corn fields? Here are a few things to watch this time of year.

100 Years Back: Chickens, Coke, Harleys & More! By: 07/18/2014 @ 10:21am

Walk back in time and check out a few advertisements from Successful Farming in 1914! It's quite a collection!

What to Know This Week: Near-perfect Weather, Crashing Prices By: 07/10/2014 @ 3:36pm

With crop conditions looking as good as they have in decades in parts of the Midwest, grain prices are getting slammed.

Crop Shots: Corn Races Ahead; Wheat Harvest Chugs North By: 07/09/2014 @ 9:17am

Wheat harvest is marching up the Plains while corn and soybean development is roaring along in the Midwest. Here are a few shots from farmers and folks throughout the region.

USDA Unleashes Bears on the Grains || Crop Updates By: 07/03/2014 @ 8:59am

Monday's sharply bearish USDA grain stocks and acreage reports dominated the ag headlines this week. See all angles here.

Big-time Crop Weather Shift || Major USDA Data On The Way By: 06/26/2014 @ 10:43am

Wetter weather, crop acreage outlooks are just a couple big stories you need to know in ag this week.

A Stormy Week || High Farm Tech on Display By: 06/19/2014 @ 10:20am

As storms crisscrossed the nation's center, drought conditions are slipping and crop conditions are improving. See what else you need to know in ag this week.

My Mentor, My Legacy: 2014 Finalist Showcase By: 06/09/2014 @ 2:26pm

Check out the finalists from the 2014 My Mentor, My Legacy program.

Corn Planting Screams Toward Completion || Sensors, Drones & More By: 05/29/2014 @ 8:15am

As farmers near the end of corn planting, attention turns to early-season crop performance. And, we look ahead to new technology for your farm!

Crop Weather Improves Big || Farmland Slide Rolls On By: 05/22/2014 @ 11:18am

The weather -- both for corn and soybean planting, and early crop development -- has improved immensely over the last week, and it's got crop prospects surging. See what else you need to know this week in…

Check Out These Grain Marketing Jargon & Expressions By: 05/20/2014 @ 10:52am

Some are educational, some are silly, but they're all part of a lexicon of terms used often in the grain trade.

A Week of Planting Catch-up || Fewer Women in Ag By: 05/08/2014 @ 11:40am

Farmers raced to plant corn this week in the Midwest while USDA released numbers showing fewer women are farming today.

What to Know This Week: Sluggish Corn Planting; Overseas Ag Tumult By: 04/24/2014 @ 10:37am

Soggy planting delays and new farm policy at home and tumultuous conditions abroad are big stories this week.

What to Know This Week: Weather Down, Markets Up By: 04/17/2014 @ 11:06am

The grain markets have trended mostly higher this week thanks in part to poor planting weather in the Midwest. How long will it continue?

'Another one of those years' in Corn Time? By: 04/15/2014 @ 7:40am

The Corn Time folks are already starting to wonder if it's going to be a tough go this year!

What to Know This Week: Weather, Markets Dominate By: 04/02/2014 @ 2:41pm

An inclement start to planting season in the Corn Belt and some market-moving USDA numbers top the list of what's important in ag this week.

What to Know This Week: Winter Sting and Apps for Spring By: 02/27/2014 @ 11:04am

The Arctic Vortex is back, but it's not stopping farmers from starting to look ahead to spring.

What to Know This Week: Soaring Grains and Looking Ahead By: 02/19/2014 @ 3:35pm

Soybean prices shot higher this week, the weather bounced between extremes and farmers started looking ahead to spring.

Dive into the February issue of Successful Farming! By: 02/07/2014 @ 2:21pm

Flip through the pages of the latest issue!

Winter Relief, a Farm Bill, and $2 Corn? By: 02/06/2014 @ 11:21am

Finally, action on the farm bill, another winter blast and ranging grain price projections top this week's big stories in ag.

Propane Problems; 'Holding a Dead Rat' By: 01/30/2014 @ 11:48am

The long-awaited farm bill's passage and weather-related input worries are big stories this week.

Flip Through the January Issue of Successful Farming! By: 01/15/2014 @ 2:58pm

See some of the major features from the latest issue of Successful Farming!

Best of All Around the Farm From the Web: December 2013 By: 12/30/2013 @ 2:00pm

Check out these ideas to make life easier on the farm and find out how to submit your own!

Best of SF: December 2013 By: 12/19/2013 @ 12:32pm

Flip through the pages of the December issue of Successful Farming magazine!

Big in Ag: 2013 crop's ups & downs By: 12/16/2013 @ 2:00pm

A wet spring, a dry summer and some new production systems highlight a wild crop year in 2013.

Big in Ag: Sliding incomes and what you can do By: 12/11/2013 @ 11:15am

Though farm incomes are seen declining in the coming year, experts offer ways to keep your farm afloat during the expected downturn.

Big in Ag 2013: Farmland values By: 12/06/2013 @ 12:39pm

It's been a rough and tumble year for farmland values in the Corn Belt in 2013, with a major trend seen stretching into 2014.

Big in Ag 2013: Farm policy By: 12/06/2013 @ 12:27pm

A continued stalemate on the farm bill and the future of the Renewable Fuel Standard have dominated the farm policy scene in 2013.

Big in Ag: Gloomy 2014 income outlooks || Winter hits By: 12/05/2013 @ 10:04am

Farmers are expressing anxiety about next year's income potential as a winter blast hits the Midwest.

Winterize your irrigation systems now By: 11/26/2013 @ 9:20am

Late fall is the perfect time to get your irrigation systems and equipment ready for Old Man Winter.

Up, down, up, down: The week's market wrap By: 11/22/2013 @ 3:36pm

After hitting some major highs and lows, the grain & livestock markets ended the week on stable footing.

Grain Marketing: No Time for Panic . . . Yet By: 11/08/2013 @ 8:34am

Flip through the pages of the mid-November special marketing issue of Successful Farming!

SF's Greatest Hits: November 2013 By: 11/05/2013 @ 1:38pm

See all the top features in the November issue of Successful Farming magazine!

Big in ag: Soggy, slow harvest strides By: 10/31/2013 @ 10:16am

Harvest-delaying rainfall after major strides of progress is one of the big stories in agriculture this week.

The harvest homestretch nears By: 10/23/2013 @ 6:58pm

Farmers check in with yield reports as 2013 corn and soybean harvest rounds its midpoint.

Keeping the world's farm gates open By: 10/16/2013 @ 8:37pm

Farmers & experts from abroad share what's important to keep their nations' agriculture moving.

Corn yields all over the board By: 10/14/2013 @ 8:28am

See how corn harvest's moving along for one north Iowa farmer.

A week of government-free fall harvest By: 10/09/2013 @ 1:48pm

The government's shutdown continues...and so does corn and soybean harvest.

8 ways to trim your farm budget By: 10/08/2013 @ 1:54pm

Act soon to avoid losing out from an expected downturn in farm income. Here are some farmers' ideas.

Combines starting, Fed stopping By: 10/03/2013 @ 11:00am

As harvest hits its stride around the nation, lawmaker bickering puts the federal government on the outs. They're just a couple big stories this week.

Marketing is Job 1 By: 10/01/2013 @ 11:05am

Farm kids are being sent to college to learn how to market the family farm's grain. And North Dakota State University is responding to that family order.

Ultimate UTV Test: Rider reactions By: 09/26/2013 @ 1:13pm

Check out some machine reactions from the Ultimate UTV Test team!

Running the gamut in Minnesota By: 09/13/2013 @ 1:38pm

Some corn & soybean fields show promise, while others are hurting south of the Twin Cities.

Crop snapshots: More highs and lows By: 09/09/2013 @ 10:42am

Variability's just about the only constant in crop conditions as harvest hears.

Big ideas from the Web: All Around the Farm By: 09/06/2013 @ 8:30am

Farmers can now submit All Around the Farm ideas online! See some of the latest big ideas!

Best of SF: Cover crops and cutting-edge iron By: 09/05/2013 @ 10:15am

Cover crops, ethanol, iron improvements and high technology are all key themes in the September 2013 issue of Successful Farming. Flip through the main features here!

In the homestretch: Crop snapshots By: 09/03/2013 @ 11:01am

Corn and soybean conditions are varied, though many farmers say they expect disappointing yields this fall.

Big in Ag: Crops crash left & right By: 08/29/2013 @ 12:46pm

The heat is on, the crops are wavering and the markets are soaring.

Crops lagging & mercury rising By: 08/22/2013 @ 9:29am

Crop yield potential concerns are rising as Corn Belt temps climb. See what else is big in ag this week.

Best of SF: August 2013 By: 08/19/2013 @ 3:10pm

Check out some of the top features in this month's Successful Farming magazine!

Big in ag: Cooling temps & prices By: 08/01/2013 @ 10:40am

Temperatures are declining and grain prices are following. Is the yield potential really there?

Why Google Glass on the farm? By: 07/03/2013 @ 2:55pm

The first farmers in the U.S. to get their hands on Google Glass talk about the future of the device and others like it.

Why Google Glass on the farm? By: 07/03/2013 @ 2:55pm

The first farmers in the U.S. to get their hands on Google Glass talk about the future of the device and others like it.

Google Glass is on its way to the farm By: 07/01/2013 @ 4:31pm

Check out a first-hand account of the unveiling of a hot new tech tool that could have major uses on the farm.

Google Glass is on its way to the farm By: 07/01/2013 @ 4:31pm

Check out a first-hand account of the unveiling of a hot new tech tool that could have major uses on the farm.

Planters, pollinators & prognostication By: 06/19/2013 @ 2:46pm

A planting weather window and a look ahead to the next round of USDA data were big stories this week in ag.

Bearish data, rising bugs & policy progress By: 06/12/2013 @ 1:41pm

Planting remains on the sluggish side as experts start to look ahead to the full crop season.

Wretched weather, Brazilian roads & hog worries By: 06/06/2013 @ 10:47am

Another week past, another week of poor crop-planting weather in the Corn Belt. See more big stories this week.

Wild weather & a huge hog deal By: 05/29/2013 @ 2:56pm

Another week of crazy planting weather and a huge pork industry merger top this week's big stories in ag.

Mother Nature gets ugly; corn planters race By: 05/23/2013 @ 9:10am

Some volatile weather swings and major corn planting strides top this week's big stories in ag.

Busy spring for Farmers for the Future By: 05/20/2013 @ 1:28pm

The spring rush hits for young and beginning farmers.

Planters rolling; farm income slipping? By: 05/16/2013 @ 10:25am

Corn planting kicked into high gear this week. See what else is big in ag.

Spruce up your shop with these new tools By: 05/15/2013 @ 11:21am

Check out a few new tool ideas for your farm shop (compiled by Dave Mowitz).

SF's greatest hits: May/June 2013 By: 05/10/2013 @ 10:56am

See the top features & stories from the May/June issue of Successful Farming magazine!

Planting crawls; Ag boom busting? By: 05/09/2013 @ 7:50am

A few more planters are rolling as concerns start to shift to early-season issues. See what else is big in ag this week.

Freak weather & planting panic By: 05/02/2013 @ 1:38pm

An unccoperative Mother Nature and major planting delays continue to dominate what's big in ag.

Big in ag: Soggy, slow planting By: 04/24/2013 @ 3:48pm

Mother Nature once again dominated the news in U.S. agriculture this week.

Big in ag: From one extreme to another By: 04/18/2013 @ 1:24pm

Mother Nature's spent the last week getting in the way of planting progress in the Corn Belt.

Precision data, hot machinery & farm shop projects By: 04/08/2013 @ 2:15pm

They're just a few hot topics examined in the April issue of Successful Farming. Check out all the latest features!

Tour a really 'wired-up' farm By: 04/02/2013 @ 5:29pm

See how a young farmer has turned a hobby into a major utility on his family's farm (photos by Alex Shaw).

Big in ag: Planting weather nerves rattle By: 03/21/2013 @ 9:44am

Worries about potentially wet, cool planting weather delays have made their way to the CME Group floor.

Best of Successful Farming: Mid-March 2013 By: 03/21/2013 @ 8:51am

Check out the latest & greatest from the latest issue of Successful Farming magazine.

Talking big crops & farmland jumps By: 03/14/2013 @ 10:41am

As the starting gate nears for the 2013 crop season, there's a lot of looking ahead this week.

Big in ag: Spring on its way By: 03/07/2013 @ 9:07am

A week of transition: Weather, agribusiness outlooks

CC straw poll: Drought or not in 2013? By: 03/01/2013 @ 2:56pm

Farmers weigh in on how they're approaching the 2013 crop with the prospect of continued drought.

Stroll the Classic show floor By: 02/28/2013 @ 8:10pm

Take a quick tour of the Commodity Classic 2013 Trade Show floor to see some of the latest innovations.

The latest great SF covers By: 02/25/2013 @ 1:34pm

See some of the 21st-century art from recent covers of Successful Farming.

SF history: The art of farming By: 02/25/2013 @ 10:49am

check out a few early 20th-century successful farming covers featuring artists' takes on the farm.

Classic American farm 'machinery' By: 02/22/2013 @ 1:18pm

Farming's always been a business of a lot of elbow grease for the readers of Successful Farming magazine.

Big in ag: Mother Nature gets extreme By: 02/21/2013 @ 11:31am

It's been a week of too dry in some areas, too wet in others and a major winter return.

Brazil's harvest ups & downs By: 02/20/2013 @ 3:34pm

(Photos by Jonathan Campos & Christian Rizzi, information by Luana Gomes).

Soaked soybeans in Brazil By: 02/20/2013 @ 10:22am

See a few shots of damage rain's inflicted on the soybean crop in Brazil (photos courtesy Luana Gomes).

Dry soybeans down south By: 02/18/2013 @ 10:25am

Walk a few soybean fields in Argentina, where dryness has farmers worried (photos by Mauricio Torres).

Bullish outlook & weather reversals By: 02/14/2013 @ 12:09pm

It was a rough week for the grain markets, but the outlook's still bright for crop incomes.

Go crop scouting in Argentina By: 02/08/2013 @ 2:51pm

See the variable crop conditions in Argentina (photos by Mauricio Torres).

Big in ag: Weather watchin' By: 02/06/2013 @ 3:21pm

Short- and long-term weather outlooks highlight this week's big stories in ag.

Farm dogs By: 02/05/2013 @ 2:18pm

Check out all these pups -- working or not -- from the farms of members.

Big in Ag: 99 million corn acres? By: 01/24/2013 @ 10:14am

Outlooks for major crop plantings this spring and a return to livestock profitability are big in ag this week.

Farm Cats By: 01/15/2013 @ 2:17pm

Check out these felines on the farm, from members of

Key 2013 crop profit protectors By: 12/21/2012 @ 2:22pm

Keep these ideas on the top of your mind heading into the 2013 marketing year, 2 respected economists advise.

17 winter tips; Look ahead to 2013 By: 12/20/2012 @ 12:42pm

Winter's stormy arrival and grain market doldrums were big stories in ag this week.

Volatility & skyrocketing land By: 12/12/2012 @ 7:52pm

Experts predict a wild ride for 2013 grain sector; Iowa farmland values rocket higher

14 big-time ag trends for 2013 By: 12/12/2012 @ 2:48pm

From the editors of Successful Farming &, here are a few trends to watch in the next year

Big in ag: Fiscal Cliff & weather pain By: 12/06/2012 @ 10:13am

The future of your farm if we fall off the Fiscal Cliff and troubling crop weather worldwide are big stories this week in ag.

Feds plan to clear up Old Man River By: 11/30/2012 @ 2:47pm

Officials are planning a project to preserve Mississippi River navigation (courtesy Army Corps of Engineers).

Weather worries & land laments By: 11/29/2012 @ 9:26am

The future of the farmland market and growing apprehension about drought in 2013 top this week's big stories in agriculture.

Soil-saving systems By: 11/28/2012 @ 11:37am

One Kansas farmer's using no-till & cover crops to save his soil (photos by Michael Thompson).

Vintage Successful Farming Christmas Covers By: 11/21/2012 @ 1:10pm

Commemorate the season with holiday-inspired Successful Farming covers from the early 20th century.

Grains seesaw, farm bill stalls, Christmas nears By: 11/15/2012 @ 7:42am

Crazy markets, grain quality & policy take center stage this week.

Big in ag: Policy, Mother Nature reign By: 11/08/2012 @ 10:34am

Big elections & major moisture extremes highlight this week's big stories in ag.

Tour Argentina's soggy fields By: 11/08/2012 @ 8:06am

Ride along with a farmer in Argentina as he surveys his soggy fields (all photos courtesy Mauricio Torres).

Big in ag: Sandy, steep land & cheap NH3 By: 11/01/2012 @ 11:19am

Hurricane Sandy has dominated a busy week in agriculture this week.

How's Sandy hitting the farm? By: 10/29/2012 @ 11:21am

See some of the effects of the 'superstorm' slamming the northeast (click images to enlarge).

Big in ag: A week of ups & downs By: 10/24/2012 @ 3:50pm

Harvest progress, rainfall and market volatility have been big topics this week in the world of ag.

Variability reigns as harvest winds down By: 10/17/2012 @ 3:28pm

A few key themes are emerging as the 2012 crop year nears its end.

Corn optimism in northern Iowa By: 10/10/2012 @ 7:07pm

Farmers report variable, but better-than-expected, corn yields in the northern part of Iowa.

Brisk harvest pace; mild winter ahead? By: 10/03/2012 @ 10:08am

A brisk harvest pace and a warm early winter outlook highlight this week's big stories in ag.

When tractors went WEIRD By: 09/25/2012 @ 1:32pm

Tractor design took quite a departure from the norm in the 1910s (photos, info by Dave Mowitz).

A love affair... By: 09/18/2012 @ 1:01pm

...on 4 wheels! The pickups of

11 tips to trim your power bill By: 09/10/2012 @ 12:06pm

Get a few ideas to save a few bucks on your farm's monthly utility bill (contributed by Gene Johnston).

Gear up your grain storage By: 08/28/2012 @ 12:56pm

Are your bins ready for this fall's crop? Check out these tips.

Big in ag: Drought's many angles By: 08/22/2012 @ 3:08pm

See how the drought's affects are broadening as harvest nears.

10 tips for a smoother harvest By: 08/13/2012 @ 2:54pm

Check out these tips to avoid some of the unique challenges posed by a drought-year harvest.

Corn, soybean crops facing long odds By: 08/07/2012 @ 3:00pm

Take a quick field tour and see some specific issues farmers could face this fall.

The latest new tools, traits & more By: 08/07/2012 @ 1:28pm

Stroll the Ag Media Summit trade show (photos, information by John Walter, Justin Davey & Gil Gullickson).

Delta combines roll By: 08/02/2012 @ 9:39am

Corn harvest got started in the southeastern U.S. this week (photos & information by Gus Wilson & Mike McGinnis).

Tour: Views from above in Illinois, Iowa By: 07/26/2012 @ 10:40am

The crop yield potential's as variable as anywhere in western IL and eastern IA (photos by John Walter).

Tour: Major crop pains in Illinois By: 07/25/2012 @ 9:27am

Rain will help the Illinois soybean crop, but will it come? (photos by Mike McGinnis)

Tour: Crops variable in Buckeye country By: 07/23/2012 @ 1:59pm

The MDA EarthSat Weather July Crop Tour moved through Ohio Monday (information & photos by Mike McGinnis).

USDA's major moves By: 07/11/2012 @ 8:45am

Dive into Wednesday's USDA reports and see just how much the agency adjusted crop yield & demand estimates.

Deere's 'new revolution' By: 06/29/2012 @ 7:06am

Learn about the new technology John Deere unveiled at the FarmSight Tech Summit.

What's new in Dakota Lakes research? By: 06/26/2012 @ 2:38pm

See some of the latest crop innovations researchers are studying at this South Dakota farm.

A crop at a crossroads By: 06/26/2012 @ 12:40pm

The corn's reaching a critical point under stress. Take a quick trip & check one area's crop.

Corn, soybeans getting thirsty By: 06/12/2012 @ 2:50pm

Though it's far from the worst spot in the Corn Belt, the crops in south-central Iowa are showing signs of drought stress.

Stroll the Expo By: 06/07/2012 @ 9:53am

Take a trip around the grounds and meet a few folks at the 2012 World Pork Expo.

Worrying weather & chatting costs By: 05/31/2012 @ 1:27pm

Dry weather's effects on crops and where grain prices & input costs are headed are big in ag this week.

Planting end nears; Land rides high By: 05/17/2012 @ 2:04pm

The nearing end to spring planting and more news of high land values top this week's big stories in ag.

Sowing more than crops in Uganda By: 05/14/2012 @ 11:34am

Meet a farmer/doctor who's working to end starvation in his embattled nation.

9 bugs to keep an eye on this year By: 05/08/2012 @ 2:05pm

Here are a few bugs a crop consultant says could be bad this year (photos courtesy Aaron Steffen).

8 early-season corn crop concerns By: 05/03/2012 @ 1:17pm

Take care of your young corn crop by keeping these factors & variables in mind.

Big in ag: Whale of a week for soybeans By: 04/26/2012 @ 11:39am

A big-time week for the soybean market's just one of a bunch of big stories in ag this week.

Corn planters fly & storms churn By: 04/19/2012 @ 1:38pm

A record planting pace and much-needed rainfall top this week's big stories in agriculture.

Planting roaring by for this farmer By: 04/17/2012 @ 9:21am

Follow along and see what types of tools one Illinois farmer's using to get his crop planted this spring.

8 tips to start your corn out right By: 04/11/2012 @ 12:36pm

Give your corn crop a head start with tips from experts around the country.

Farm kids By: 04/06/2012 @ 9:54am

See how the youngest members of farm families chip in!

Corn planters fire up; Major acres needed By: 04/05/2012 @ 12:52pm

The official start to Corn Belt spring planting & major acreage estimates top the last week's big ag stories.

All eyes on USDA; Early planting roundup By: 03/29/2012 @ 2:02pm

Major USDA numbers and more early corn planting talk top this week's big ag stories.

11 planter prep tips By: 03/26/2012 @ 3:07pm

Is your planter ready for spring? Check out these tips before you roll.

Crazy planting; 9 fuel-saving tips By: 03/22/2012 @ 12:19pm

A lot of talk about early corn planting & its effects on the grain markets top this week's big ag news.

'Crazy' corn planting; 9 fuel-saving tips By: 03/14/2012 @ 3:31pm

Spring officially arrived this week, though the weather lately's been almost summerlike in some parts of the country.

9 ways to trim your spring fuel bill By: 03/12/2012 @ 1:11pm

Here are a few ways to improve your fuel efficiency this spring.

Quick start to spring; Seesaw grains By: 03/08/2012 @ 12:47pm

Up-and-down markets & early spring weather are big in ag this week.

National Ag Day Farm Facts By: 03/07/2012 @ 11:33am

Check out these lesser-known ag facts!

Brazil crops suffer; Market bears lurk? By: 03/01/2012 @ 1:53pm

It's been a big week for the soybean trade & a week of planning ahead for spring, farmers say.

Suffering crops in Brazil By: 03/01/2012 @ 9:50am

Brazil's farmers are taking stock of drought damage (photos & information courtesy Luana Gomes & Gazeta do Povo).

Hot land values; Good grain news By: 02/22/2012 @ 2:36pm

Land values, ethanol volatility and major crop outlooks highlight this week's big stories in ag.

A stroll around the big show By: 02/18/2012 @ 3:34pm

Take a walk around the trade show floor at the 2012 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

'Boom' in ag; 164-bushel corn? By: 02/15/2012 @ 10:41am

There's been a lot of looking ahead this week, and some of those ag outlooks are bright.

Stunning rents; 5 corn basics By: 02/09/2012 @ 11:50am

Big-time land rents, USDA reports and 'Save the Floor' are big stories this week.

Cattle Industry Convention highlights By: 02/09/2012 @ 9:20am

Check out a few highlights from the 2012 Cattle Industry Convention!

5 corn basics for abmornal conditions By: 02/06/2012 @ 3:36pm

With the volatility in growing conditions of the last few years, it's best to stick to the basics in getting your corn crop in & up.

Fertilizer fallout; Top 10 worst weeds By: 02/02/2012 @ 11:38am

Bad weeds, roller coaster markets & potential fertilizer problems top this week's big ag stories.

It's mid-winter grain bin checkup time By: 01/30/2012 @ 1:50pm

With a mild week ahead, now's a good time to make sure your stored grain is in good shape.

Strong grains, Mother Nature & more By: 01/26/2012 @ 12:52pm

Mostly higher grain markets, bullish land & crop weather are just a few big stories from the week in ag.

A good land relationship By: 01/24/2012 @ 3:38pm

Farmers, specialist offer tips to keep a good relationship with your farm landowner.

A real 'Crop Dog' By: 01/23/2012 @ 2:22pm

'Breeze' does her best to help out on this Minnesota farm

Demand chatter & winter weather By: 01/18/2012 @ 2:02pm

World grain demand, bullish cattle markets and winter weather changes top this week's big stories in agriculture.

A look at China's economic growth By: 01/17/2012 @ 3:22pm

See the latest economic figures released by the Chinese government.

Big USDA #s; Looking ahead to spring By: 01/11/2012 @ 11:24am

Big USDA production & stocks reports, dry S.A. weather & crop input talk dominates this week's ag news.

Don't get caught by a winter blast By: 01/09/2012 @ 11:27am

Don't let the mild weather thus far lull you away from making essential preparations for the inevitable this winter.

This week's big news in ag By: 01/04/2012 @ 3:28pm

Crop conditions are getting dire in South America as U.S. farmers start to feel their own drought anxiety.

S.A. crop stress & hot markets By: 12/23/2011 @ 9:50am

Crop-stressing weather in South America and its effects on the grain markets are big stories this week.

Top stories of 2011 By: 12/22/2011 @ 3:11pm

Here are the top 10 most-read stories of 2011 on

How much rain in South America? By: 12/21/2011 @ 1:52pm

Rain's fallen in dry Brazil & Argentina. But, how much? (maps courtesy Luana Gomes, Gazeta do Povo).

Land values surge; Time to buy iron? By: 12/14/2011 @ 1:36pm

The farm land market was front-and-center this week, as new estimates show continued sharp value gains in major crop areas. It's just one of the big stories in ag this week.

New land, grain & iron outlooks By: 12/07/2011 @ 3:18pm

New outlooks for farm land values, grain markets and farm machinery are some of the biggest stories in ag this week.

Volatile markets & profit outlooks By: 12/01/2011 @ 11:39am

The grain trade saw a reversal this week as many start looking ahead to the 2012 crop.

Harvest wraps, focus turns to next year By: 11/23/2011 @ 9:35am

Some major market highs and lows and a wrap on harvest (mostly) highlight this week's big stories in ag.

Farmer 'Can Do' with Deere By: 11/17/2011 @ 12:31pm

See how one company is taking giant steps to help feed those in need. (Photos by Mike McGinnis).

Land values rocket, crop inputs rise By: 11/17/2011 @ 9:41am

As harvest nears its end, farmers turn their attention to next year's crop.

Machinery tips from the crowd By: 11/14/2011 @ 8:53am

Get a few ideas for your farm from the latest tool- & machinery-buying discussions.

Weather worries & USDA crop data By: 11/10/2011 @ 12:14pm

USDA crop reports & farmer weather worries are just a couple of the big stories in ag this week.

Tips to get your iron in order By: 11/07/2011 @ 2:55pm

Here are a few ideas on the right maintenance to conduct before it gets too cold this winter.

Changing weather & slowing harvest By: 11/02/2011 @ 3:54pm

Combines are rolling in the eastern Corn Belt. See more on this and the other big stories in ag this week.

An up-and-down week for the grains By: 10/28/2011 @ 1:47pm

European debt, the acreage battle & demand were all big market factors for the grains this week.

Big in ag: New tools document harvest By: 10/27/2011 @ 10:17am

Harvest is nearing its end in the Corn Belt, and farmers are using new tools to document it all.

A 'moving wall of dirt' By: 10/27/2011 @ 8:34am

Get a first-hand glimpse of a huge dust storm that hit Lubbock, Texas, recently (photos by Lindsay Kennedy).

Harvest progress & 2012 input costs By: 10/20/2011 @ 11:04am

Soybean harvest nearing its end & new forecasts for 2012 input costs are big stories this week.

USDA data & soybean progress By: 10/13/2011 @ 9:47am

Big USDA Crop Progress numbers and major harvest strides highlight this week's big ag news.

Counting crops with USDA By: 10/07/2011 @ 11:08am

Get an inside look at how USDA-NASS collects field data for its monthly Crop Production reports.

Big in ag: Harvest & input worries By: 10/06/2011 @ 10:41am

Combines are rolling hard in the Midwest this week (photos by Jonathan Campos and Jeff Caldwell).

Harvest dust is flying By: 10/05/2011 @ 9:51am

Soybean yields are coming in high in central Iowa as farmers use good weather to make big harvest strides.

Harvest reports & big hog business By: 09/28/2011 @ 2:08pm

Surprising harvest results & a chilly winter outlook highlight this week's big stories in ag.

Big in ag this week: Combines get rolling By: 09/21/2011 @ 3:37pm

Corn harvest's kickoff and federal farm policy funding scrutiny were big stories in ag this week.

Big in ag: Frost & USDA reports By: 09/15/2011 @ 12:20pm

Weather worries and falling crop size & stocks highlight this week's big stories in agriculture.

Big in ag this week: Harvest within reach By: 09/08/2011 @ 12:20pm

Crop conditions, harvest ahead & grain demand all highlight this week's big stories in agriculture.

Big this week: Booming bean market By: 09/01/2011 @ 11:06am

A strong soybean market and slipping crop conditions highlight this week's big stories in ag.

Big green rollout By: 08/24/2011 @ 3:39pm

Check out Deere's new iron rolled out this week in Indianapolis, Indiana (photos courtesy John Deere).

Big this week: Checking on corn yields By: 08/24/2011 @ 1:59pm

Late-summer corn yield estimates highlight this week's big stories in agriculture.

The latest look at corn progress By: 08/22/2011 @ 12:05pm

Compiled with information from John Walter, Mike McGinnis.

Big this week: Crop worries & CDLs By: 08/17/2011 @ 1:01pm

Deteriorating crop conditions & drought worries top this week's big stories in ag.

High-tech aphid scouting By: 08/15/2011 @ 1:44pm

A new technology tool helps streamline soybean aphid scouting and data collection.

Big this week: Crop worries & debt deals By: 08/10/2011 @ 11:18am

Deteriorating crop conditions and the national debt deal's effects on ag were big stories in the last week.

This week: Big heat & big debt By: 08/04/2011 @ 9:54am

See what dominated the ag news the first week of August.

Corn Time Summertime! By: 07/14/2011 @ 9:04am

Summer's heating up for the folks of Corn Time!

Blown Down By: 07/13/2011 @ 12:11pm

Farmers survey damage after massive wind storm (photos by Betsy Freese & Jim Meade).

Nibblers & Killers By: 07/05/2011 @ 2:52pm

Check out some of the 'nibblers & killers' that can wreak havoc in your corn & soybean fields.

Views from the cab By: 05/26/2011 @ 10:05am

Check out these photos straight from the field from members.

Spring SmartTour By: 05/19/2011 @ 8:54am

Want to raise 200-bushel corn? By: 04/18/2011 @ 1:42pm

Here are a few tips from Ohio State University crop specialists Peter Thomison & Robert Mullen.

Tractor Brackets move to Round 2 By: 04/15/2011 @ 3:30pm

See all the Round 2 matchups and vote for your favorites!

The latest from Corn Time By: 02/15/2011 @ 3:31pm

(Comics by Bob Lang).

No-till decision factors By: 02/11/2011 @ 3:18pm

Consider these 7 factors when weighing the no-till switch on your farm.

Keeping warm with farm shop projects By: 02/04/2011 @ 10:55am

Check out what's keeping one farmer busy in his shop this winter (photos courtesy Jim Cooper).

Run the table By: 01/27/2011 @ 11:40am

This farmer-built welding table helps this farmer save face (courtesy Roger Johnson).

Big tractor prices at auction By: 01/27/2011 @ 10:15am

Check out the prices these Big Red machines brought at auction (courtesy Greg Peterson).

A Brazilian crop tour By: 01/19/2011 @ 2:56pm

Farmers take stock as they start to look ahead to harvest (photos courtesy Luana Gomes, Gazeta do Povo).

A Corn Time Christmas By: 12/16/2010 @ 11:25am

Cartoons by Bob Lang,

Winter's first wallop By: 12/13/2010 @ 11:16am

See how one Indiana farm family's braving the first jab of winter

Creatures great & small By: 10/27/2010 @ 1:23pm

Check out some of the latest photos of livestock and other animals from members.

Grain storage ideas from All Around the Farm By: 10/25/2010 @ 2:53pm

Here are a few ideas to spruce up your farm's grain storage from All Around the Farm.

The things we do for our cattle... By: 10/21/2010 @ 1:05pm

Oh, the things you do to keep those cattle happy! (comics by Bob Lang).

Harvest technology in action By: 10/13/2010 @ 2:54pm

High technology's a common theme on a lot of farmers in the northern Corn Belt. See some of the latest tech tools farmers there put to work this fall.

Crop Tech Tour: High-tech harvest tools By: 10/05/2010 @ 3:00pm

See how some of the latest technology's performing this fall (Photos by Doug Hetherington).

Can't keep a good farmer down By: 10/04/2010 @ 4:26pm

Photos by Doug Hetherington.

Corn harvest 2010: Views from the field By: 09/21/2010 @ 4:10pm

Farmers tally varying yields, progress (photos courtesy Luke Smith,, and Ed Winkle).

Implement & attachment improvements from All Around the Farm By: 09/16/2010 @ 10:11am

Check out a few of the latest implement & attachment ideas from All Around the Farm.

Tractor ideas from All Around the Farm By: 09/16/2010 @ 9:04am

Check out the latest farmer-submitted ideas for your tractor from All Around the Farm.

Into the home stretch By: 08/20/2010 @ 7:52pm

Brent Johnson's looking toward harvest on his farm in northwest Iowa (photos by Doug Hetherington).

Progress up north By: 08/13/2010 @ 4:08pm

Check in on crop progress & technology in the northern Plains and Corn Belt (photos by Doug Hetherington).

Wicked Weeds By: 08/10/2010 @ 4:39pm

Check out this collection of some of the most "Wicked Weeds" out in the field today.

Top Shops Floorplans By: 07/12/2010 @ 11:00pm

Make the most of your farm shop with smart design.

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