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Amazon Super Biochar

Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90002
Contact: Richard
E-mail: superbiochar@yahoo.com
Phone: 1310 - 703 - 9354
Additional Information:
Website: www.amazonsuperbiochar.com

Company Description: THE MANY BENEFITS OF BIOCHAR * Enhances soil, holds carbon and for a more fertile soil * It is Permanent *60% vegative growth every year, year after year. Biochar degrades very slowly. * Fixates nitrogen in the soil. *Increases Mycorrhyzal fungi mo

Yes, soil conditions matter. In studies where they doubled or tripled the volume of Biochar it actually diminished crop / plant growth. It has the greatest effects in hard clay soils and sandy soils. Really rich loamy soils will not see the effect of biochar immediately, sometimes a few years.

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