Easy Farm Maps

1454 130th St.
Wayland, IA 52654
Contact: Nick Achen
E-mail: info@easyfarmmaps.com
Phone: 319-471-0990
Additional Information:
Website: www.EasyFarmMaps.com

Company Description: Easy Farm Maps is a website designed for farmers and/or dealers to easily upload data from any agricultural monitor or display. Choose the maps you need, and we do the rest. Your maps and data will then be archived on your own personal FarmPage.


Standard Services

Harvest: Yield and Moisture Maps

Planting: Population and Variety Maps

Application: Rate and As Applied Maps

Soil: Soil Type and CSR Rating

Standard Pricing: (Prices are per Year and Operation)

0-1000 Acres:         $60

1000-2000 Acres:   $120

2000+ Acres:          $180


Printing Services

Print and Mail: All maps will be printed and delivered to your doorstep.

E-Mail: All maps will be sent to you via e-mail.

FarmPage: Maps will be posted to your FarmPage (See www.EasyFarmMaps.com for details).

Printing Pricing: (Prices are per Year and Operation)

Print and Mail:              $30

E-Mail:                          $5

FarmPage:                   Free

Extended Services

Prescription: Variable Rate Prescription Maps (Files and Print-Out)

Soil Nutrient Maps: Maps of Soil Sampling Data

Custom Map Views: We will supply and build maps to fit your needs.

Other: Call us; we can supply ANY type of map or report upon request.


Extended Pricing:

Prescription:               INITIAL_CONTENT.50/acre

Soil Nutrient Maps:      INITIAL_CONTENT.50/acre

Custom Map Views:      INITIAL_CONTENT.15/acre

Other:                          Call for a Quote

We are happy to accommodate any type of operation whether it is a farm, coop, corporation, or dealer.  We can tailor a service to meet you or your customers needs. 
Give us a call at (319) 471-0990 or e-mail us at info@EasyFarmMaps.com

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