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Looking to swap my tax free pension for farm, 100% service connected disabled Veteran lifetime Hello, My name is Dan Burney. I am 40yo married with 5 children 2 in college and 3 little ones in elementary. I cannot get financing for everything I need to build my final home place and fulfill my life's dream of running my family farm, and leaving it fo

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Dan Burney Not sure why my add did not show the whole thing, 12/20/2012 @ 7:53pm 100% service connected disabled Veteran with a lifetime tax free pension, looking to swap my pension for a farm, or start up swap of cash for Power of attorney over my pension until debt paid for mortgage of my land or loan or both. Not sure why but my add had a lot more info. I will try and give a short description: I am looking for an older farmer not ready to hang the deere key's up yet that needs help to keep the farm going, I am willing to work 60 hours a week and move to the farmer's area anywhere to learn and work to help him keep his livleyhood and hopefully when he is ready to retire I can take the farm over, naturally pay the farmer or his family for the farm. It's a win win for both of us if it's God will. Or you may have the Uncle who was blessed with hard work and managed his money well and would like to enter the best investment of his life and the safest with the highest return of profit of any conventional investment, I will sell by power of Attorney my pension for 5 years or whatever we agree to for a lump sum, the investor will draw 3-5% above the top returns of today's conventional investments. It would be done through attorney and certified and registered at court house, the investor would be my power of attorney over my tax free pension and would recieve it in whatever account he chooses on the 1st of each month from the DOD, along with yearly cost of living increases, Tax free mind you saving thousands in taxes on Capital gains, the POA is irrevocable without dual consent from both of us. It is an investment I devised by using my current options on financial standings. It is Iron clad and will make someone a very nice return along with full filling a family's dream and generations to come. God Bless you all and keep me in mind. I feel there either option would work perfect so I do not prefer one over the other, I would love the opprotunity to learn from an older farmer, I have helped run 125 head for the last 5 years but there is so much more to learn along with keeping up with the advancements in technology in farming. Dan Burney 256-502-3701 or email: BurneyFamilyFarm@aol.com

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Dan Burney Re: Re: Not sure why my add did not show the whole thi 12/20/2012 @ 7:58pm Forgot to say I have been drawing my pension since 1994 till death tax free, no capital gains tax for investor! or Note holder. Right now I currently draw $3,391.00 a month paid by the DOD on the 1st of each month with yearly cost of living increases usually 1-3%.....Got 5% one year when Bush was President but none this year or last. will also take out a life insurance policy to loaner, or note holder in the event of my death to pay in full the amount.

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