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Beck's Introduces FARMserver: A Precision Ag Tool That Puts the Farmer in Control

Updated: 08/04/2014 @ 3:52pm

Beck's Introduces FARMserver: A Precision Ag Tools That Puts The Farmer In Control

When it comes to precision agriculture technologies, farmers not only want complete control of their data, they want a tool that’s secure, simple and mobile. Beck’s is proud to introduce FARMserver™, a secure, web-based solution developed with the farmer in mind.

“Unlike many competitive solutions, FARMserver gives the farmer complete control of their data and information,” said Brent Minett, FARMserver field manager. “From the moment the customer logs into FARMserver, they hold the key to their account. If the customer wants to share their data for collaborative purposes or with a trusted advisor, they have the ability to make that decision.”

Taking data mobile has never been more important for farmers. FARMserver provides the capability to access their information from a web connected device at any time by using a simple and user-focused design. The FARMserver mobile app allows farmers to record geo-referenced data from the field and easily sync it to their secure FARMserver account.

“My biggest concern when evaluating precision ag tools for my operation is who controls the data,” said Tom Uthell, farmer from Teutopolis, Ill. “With FARMserver, I’m not only in control but I can choose to give my trusted advisors access in order to implement management strategies that will help increase my bottom-line. Plus, I can now store data from all my field locations in one place using one technology that I feel is safe, secure and easy to use.”

Since the inception of precision ag, farmers have struggled with the compatibility of data collected from multiple sources. FARMserver not only makes farmers’ data compatible, but it provides easy to use tools to analyze the data. In addition, FARMserver provides a unique recordkeeping system focused at the field level; comprehensive aerial imagery that delivers deep insight into field variability; field-based weather monitoring; and a crop scouting app.

“We saw a demand for a new kind of precision ag tool – a tool that farmers could trust and have complete confidence in using on their farm,” said Minett. “That’s why we worked diligently for the past two years to develop a tool that’s secure, simple, mobile, and puts the farmer in control. We are excited to introduce FARMserver to farmers across the country.”

For more information or to sign up today, please contact a FARMserver field advisor at 317.565.4120 or visit www.FARMserver.com.

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