Bobcat Releases New Excavators

08/13/2014 @ 3:22pm

Bobcat Company introduces three new excavators – the E20, E32, and E35. The 13.9-hp. E20 compact excavator features a retractable undercarriage while the E32 and E35 boast a non-DPF solution and a new instrumentation system.

E20 compact excavator
The Zero Tail Swing E20, replacing the 324 model, has a maximum reach of 14 feet, dig depth of 8 feet 6 inches, and a dump height of 8 feet 8 inches. With the E20 the rear of the house stays within the width of the tracks through full rotation, allowing you to work flush against a structure.

One major feature on the machine is the retractable rubber track undercarriage, which reduces the width from 53 to 39 inches.

An easy-to-read instrument panel has been updated to match larger Bobcat excavators. The boom swing control is now located on the joystick to free up floor space. An auto-shift travel function provides automatic high- and low-range shifting. An optional password-protected keyless start is available so you can program a desired 5-digit code.

The E20 features a variety of attachments, including three trenching buckets, a grading bucket, clamp, hydraulic breaker, and auger. Another major feature is the blade extension mounting system, which is held in place by pins. The pins can be removed to extend or retract the dozer blade with no tools needed. This helps you efficiently grade, level, doze, or backfill soil. You can raise and lower the blade with a lever by the right-hand joystick.

An integrated slew brake eliminates the need for you to engage the slew brake when transporting a machine, providing infinite brake positioning. This allows for easier loading and more options when loading on a trailer.

E32 and E35
The 33.5-hp. engines in the new E32 and E35 provide more power and excel in a variety of high-load conditions. The Tier 4 compliant non-DPF engines were achieved by designing an ultra-low particulate combustion engine.

The E32 conventional tail swing excavator and the E35 zero tail swing model can perform well in tight spaces. These 3- and 4-metric ton M-series excavators provide an 8% decrease in fuel consumption when operating in the machine’s Eco-Mode setting.

A new forward-mount instrumentation system is standard in the cab. The panel places buttons in front of the operator, where they are easier to reach. The location of the panel also aligns with the existing cab components and work group structures to maintain visibility to the attachment.

Both Tier 4 excavators can use an optional telescoping arm that provides more dig depth and reach. The extendable arm can give you as much as 30 inches more reach and is clamp ready.

Like all M-series excavators, these new models feature an independent boom swing for offset operation. Features such as auto-idle throttle and auto-shift travel are standard. In auto-idle, the excavator will automatically idle the engine when the machine functions are not used for approximately 4 seconds, saving valuable fuel. Auto-shift travel automatically shifts the machine out of high range without having to manually downshift.

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