Hagie's 2014 STS Sprayers

12/09/2013 @ 9:13am

For 2014, Hagie Manufacturing is rolling out a new line of STS models featuring a new drive system, cab design, solution system, and Tier 4 Final engine.

“The STS product line delivers customers with application solutions for effective full season capability,” says Nick Rieck, Hagie. “The new features of the drive system and cab, when coupled with the 2014 STS application system, integrates efficiency solutions designed for sprayer operators to optimize man to machine performance and cover more acres.”

Increased Traction Control
The 2014 models feature a new drive system designed with optimal torque management and traction control for improved efficiency and increased performance. All Wheel Traction Control comes standard and minimizes wheel slip enabling the machine to move through deep mud, across rugged terrain, and adverse conditions. The machine uses proportional wheel motors with zero displacement and integrated speed sensors to send power to wheels that have not broken traction.

Spacious Cab
To increase your safety and comfort, the 2014 cabs have several key improvements. The cabs are now 25 cubic feet larger to give you more room to work. Cab controls were upgraded to make the cab more ergonomic. Features include an active droplet monitor, field efficiency monitoring, a deceleration pedal, and a leather, ventilated seat.

The pressurized cab features the Sy-Klone RESPA air filtration system with improved external and internal filtration to create a safer operator environment. Additional safety features include Bluetooth and a standard backup camera.

Enhanced Functionality
The solution control system is designed to maximize on-target application. The solution pump has been moved under the tank to reduce pump noise in the cab, eliminate failure to prime, and improve the flow of the solution system. The quick connect was also relocated for better access.

More Efficient Engine
“The Hagie engineering team has taken advantage of the opportunity to repower the STS for emission regulation while also making major enhancements to every vital system on the company’s flagship product,” says Newt Lingenfelter, Hagie.

The Cummins engine is compliant with Tier 4 emission regulations. Features include optimized airflow and serviceability with a powered hood opening. The cooling system is equipped with a new variable speed hydraulically driven reversing fan and when combined with the new drive system, will improve fuel economy 5 to 10%.

There are three models available. The STS10, STS12, and STS14, ranging from 1,000 to 1,400 gallons.

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