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John Deere Rolls Out R4045 Sprayer

Updated: 06/13/2014 @ 11:24am

With the introduction of the R4045 sprayer, John Deere is adding a higher horsepower, large capacity self-propelled sprayer to the lineup of 4 series sprayers introduced last year. The R4045, which replaces the 4940 sprayer, offers the high application rates, productive spray speeds, and the technology and comfort needed to cover large fields quickly and efficiently.

“The R4045 sprayer was designed with the durability to handle challenging field conditions and accurately apply liquid product and dry nutrients as quickly as possible while providing the uptime, comfort, and control operators demand,” says Dave Mulder, John Deere.

High Capacity
The new R4045 features a 346 hp. Final Tier 4 PowerTech PSS 9.0 liter engine with four-wheel hydrostatic drive that can operate at 25 mph spraying/spreading and 35 mph transport. For liquid applications, the sprayer comes with a 1,200-gallon solution tank and an option of 90-, 100-, or 120-foot dual swing-link suspension, flat-fold booms that can apply up to 230 gallons per minute with a high-flow pump and dual flow meter.

The sprayer can be converted to a dry nutrient applicator by installing a high-capacity 200- or 300-cubic foot New Leader dry spinner spreader.

“Our exclusive Load Command system can fill the 1,200-gallon tank in as little as three minutes, and the factory-installed front fill option makes loading the machines much easier with 3-inch Quick Fill couplings,” says Mulder.

Advanced Technology
R4045 sprayers with Solution Command System come with a Target Fill feature, which allows you to set the desired fill level. A sensor inside the tank monitors the fill level and a micro display shows you the actual volume in the solution tank during the filling process.

Other optional features include the Direct Injection system that promotes quicker changeovers and faster cleanouts, and helps lower the risk of using multiple products. Standard end cap aspirators reduce nozzle turn-off time and the boom air purge system is available to help purge out additional product during change over. The new tri-directional breakaway tip sections and full-boom breakaway features help protect the booms, and the number of boom sections has been increased to improve spray resolution by up to 33%.

“Operators can quickly adjust boom height from 19 to 92 inches or add BoomTrac Pro for automatic boom-height control,” explains Mulder. “Because the chassis sits on a dual strut independent wheel air-ride suspension, operators will enjoy a smooth, stable ride at higher speeds, and auto air spring leveling keeps the chassis level at all times, including on uneven terrain and as the spray tank empties.”

The R4045 shares a similar frame and chassis design, as well as the standard and premium CommandView II Plus cab options, as its R4030 and R4038 family members. This includes a more spacious cab with greater visibility, the high-backed ComfortCommand Seat and redesigned CommandArm with integrated GreenStar 3 CommandCenter display for more comfortable control of all machine operations. The cruise control feature allows the system to automatically set the vehicle to your target speed while you set the engine speed and hydro handle at maximum positions.

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